PHD Building Construction, Turkey

I am a young man from Turkey who lives for what I like to think of as art stuck into the ground. I am enormously pleased that I take such deep delight in my field of study. Construction for me is progress, and continuing to prepare myself every day to become increasingly adept in the field of construction management brings me my greatest fulfillment in life. I am especially interested in doing Ph.D. work in the areas of 4D modeling tools, building information modeling, and architecture in virtual reality.

My deep and abiding passion for construction engineering inspired me to become the President of the Civil Engineering Society in Sakarya University where I received my undergraduate degree. I see engineering as a way to give something back to society and to make an indelible impression on the world through one’s career. In fact, I feel strongly that the greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to become a well known and appreciated researcher in my area of expertise, at the cutting edge of the crossover between the construction industry and computer-based technology. I am currently working on my master's thesis dealing with the subject of building information modeling, generally speaking, and tools that can be adapted to construction management education, in particular. I want very much to continue my education to the terminal degree, the Ph.D., primarily because I thrive doing research.

While it is perhaps my Masters’ Degree that is of most critical importance to my application, I also feel strongly that my professional experience is also a critically important aspect of my application. Serving as an assistant to the faculty here at XXXX State University’s Construction Management Department has been my greatest accomplishment so far, with duties entailing assisting the department chair, taking a very active role in departmental organizations, and complementing my formal study by helping faculty members with their research. My recent accomplishments, for example, have included a self evaluation study for renewal of accreditation to the SPSU Construction Management Department.

 Other professional positions have also been very important to building my professional identity and skill level, especially my experience working in Afghanistan from January through September of 2006; I served as Site Superintendent  for XXXX Construction Industry & Trade Inc. My primary duties included day-to-day operations and supervision of 50 employees performing pavement construction tasks. I oversaw asphalt production, AWC, ATB pavement, DBST production and various types of base course and sub-base stabilizing. I was also responsible for preparing daily and monthly reports and schedules and coordinating and attending meetings with site engineers. Furthermore, my most recent position as a subcontractor with the XXXX Company has provided me with professional experience on still a larger scale since I have been responsible for overseeing day to day construction project operations and the supervision of 250 employees performing virtually all construction tasks (pavement, earthworks, and structure works). I see this experience as invaluable in terms of refining my skills at handling multi-task operations, hiring and supervising sub-contractors, supplying operations, and performing other related tasks on projects that I oversee from start to finish.

My first choice for Ph.D studies is XXXX’s Building Construction Program because I hope to take full advantage of the enormous level of resources available throughout the College of Architecture. It is important to me that I become the kind of well-rounded researcher that will be able to make important contributions to my field. I feel that my interests are very well aligned with the program at XXXX and that yours is the optimal choice for a program where I would be most comfortable in giving my all. I want to thank you for consideration of my application and I look forward with keen anticipation to making the greatest contribution that I can to your program.


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