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JD Copyright, Entertainment Law, Korean

My first choice for Law School is at XXXX because of its excellent reputation, location in San Francisco, and focus on intellectual property and copyright law. I have long been immersed in art, so I want to study law and later practice in San Francisco since I see it as the only American city for art and artists. I have known for many years that I wanted to pursue law as a career and work in the world of the arts. Thus, I see XXXX as the perfect program in the ideal city since so many major entertainment law firms are based in the Bay Area, and this would be a perfect location for me to pursue my legal study while making connections and networking in preparation for my future career, doing internships at firms specializing in IP, copyright, and entertainment law.

As to what extent they are protected and under what particular circumstances, I look forward to a long and productive involvement in artists' business dealings with dealers by serving as a mediator, supervising business transactions, contracts, etc.   I am most enthusiastic about devoting my life to the protection of art works and artists.

I look forward to taking advantage of my ethnicity and language skills as a Korean woman, working in the arts and entertainment sectors of US- Korean relations, and helping international artists/actors/singers achieve more significant exposure to the American entertainment and art worlds. I see my most outstanding potential contribution to society as being able to help young emerging artists succeed in America, regardless of their social background, immigrant status, or ethnicity. I am a cosmopolitan woman who commands an intermediate level of French and is a native speaker of Korean. Currently working at a small private law firm as an assistant to an attorney who practices personal injury and lemon law, I am most pleased that 90% of the clients represented are 1st generation immigrants from Korea, Japan, China, etc. Assisting these clients with their legal needs requires many translational/interpretational skills. I have gained interpersonal and organizational skills from this experience that will serve me well in the future studying and practicing law. I have become highly adaptable, motivated, independent, and very excited about bringing my artistic creativity, thinking outside the box to your program and contributing to its diversity. The greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to help immigrants think optimistically and creatively about their experience as immigrants in America. Most specifically, I look forward to becoming a voice for immigrant Korean artists in America, protecting their rights and helping them to succeed in a complex world, overcoming many obstacles that stand in the way of their success, celebrating art, diversity, and my people in our new land of opportunity.

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