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MA Educational Counseling, Music, Spanish

I am a man of highly diverse interests in the arts, culture, and the advancement of well-being. As a musician and music teacher, in particular, I have had the opportunity to develop the kinds of skills that are especially important to be a high school counselor. Among my accomplishments in life that testify to my dedication is my website, where I employ a team of massage therapists and yoga experts to promote holistic and preventative medicine in New Jersey. I am also a full-time teacher; thus, doing my coursework online makes graduate school possible, and I feel that I am at the perfect stage in my life for this new challenge. I would be honored to become part of XXXX's rich tradition of excellence. I am especially attracted to XXXX's highly interactive formats and the rigorous quality of its academic programs.

I look forward to the dynamic experience of deep immersion in the study of counseling strategies, intervention models, and the early diagnosis and prevention of problems.

I hold a BS in Music Education with the instrument major of the saxophone. What most attracts me to the area of high school guidance counseling is my increasing desire to be of fuller service in helping students through the process of making the right decisions that enable them to self-actualize to become the best at what they truly want to do, and to handle the setbacks along the way. As a music teacher, I have very much enjoyed the richness that comes from being involved with my students so that I can help them to succeed. I would be thrilled to continue to work with the students of XXXX High School, where I have been happily employed as a music teacher for the past 19 years.

I speak a little Spanish as well as Japanese and deeply appreciate our American celebration of diversity. I am especially drawn to students of ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds and the way that they serve to enrich our cultural heritage. I am convinced that at 42, I am at a stage in my life where I am especially receptive to learning opportunities and well poised to appreciate this beautiful opportunity to return to graduate school fully. I am fascinated by and look forward to an intense engagement with cutting-edge research following the structure of your program with attention to the prevention and intervention of personal and interpersonal concerns, optimal human development, and care services for students. I also look forward to the clinical experience and the 12-credit post-master's School Counselor Certificate program.

I have performed many community concerts on my saxophone, at hospitals and rehabilitation centers, for example, and I also volunteer at the local animal shelter. I direct the Jazz Ensemble and spend a great deal of time with students after school and on weekends. I have discovered that students are pretty comfortable with me and open up to me with their issues, which seems to occur naturally. I consider it an honor and a sacred trust. I have learned that I can calm students and open them up to the more excellent discovery of their options, sitting quietly with them and listening, then asking thought-provoking questions that inspire them to greater levels of examination, prioritizing, and planning. In a sense, as a music teacher, I already function as a guidance counselor as well. I see the primary key as helping students connect with their hearts and courage to go for the brass ring. I tell my students: when you connect with your heart, you find the genius inside of you.

I feel strongly that I am a well-qualified candidate who has much to offer in terms of being able to reach out and assist young people in need of direction. I look forward to laboring to develop a culture of fellowship in high school. I feel I am called to be a guidance counselor.

I look forward to helping students, and their families better understand the enormous available opportunities, how to make choices from the heart and the mind, connecting passions with capabilities, and thinking optimistically and pragmatically about available alternatives for the student's future. I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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