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Masters CRNA, Nursing Anesthesiology

In 2008, I brought my successful fifteen-year career in the field of IT to a close. While I had enjoyed my time with Hyperion Services, a job in which I received many commendations, and developed extensive networks in managerial, communication, something had always been missing, a level of personal satisfaction that I finally realized that I could never achieve in this field. Following my heart, and in light of my intense love for helping others, I began my pursuit of a career in nursing.  I believe strongly that I bring with me many highly developed skills that will translate effectively and prove invaluable in my nursing career. Every day, when I leave the hospital, I am increasingly convinced that I made the right decision.

This past year, I have been fortunate to be immersed full time in an outstanding nursing environment, at XXXX Hospital, aiding an array of patients, from neonates to young adults. This work has kept me current in all aspects of patient care, kept my clinical acumen practiced, developing and certain, expanded my capacity to successfully multi-task, maintaining my accuracy in patient history, charting and other documentation and administrative areas. More than this, though, it helped show me that my path must inevitably lead to nurse anesthesiology.

Pediatric Anesthesiology is an area I would like to specialize. The discipline presents a number of challenges, as well as rewards while working with a unique group of patients. Aside from the obvious differences in terms of adult and pediatric anatomy and physiology, fluid requirements, vital sign ranges, there are even clearer differences in terms of a child's anxiety in the run up to an operation. Throughout my professional experiences, I have greatly enjoyed working with children. I like to listen to kids, their stories of wonderland and the characters they imagine as being real people. I marvel at how carefree and unperturbed they are when they are happy and playful. But the looking glass shatters when kids get sick, and this is where compassionate care, something that cannot be taught, or imparted in a classroom comes in. Either one feels this or you do not.

Through my experiences, being involved with general and regional anesthesia in the settings of pain management, and critical care - many aspects of peri-operative anesthesia consultation work I have found that my passion is with the clinical pharmacology and challenges in which a life hangs in the balance. I can imagine the tremendous satisfaction from tipping the scales in favor of the patient in these delicate situations, using my skills, education, and passion for teamwork to save a life. Coupled with this is my compassion and desire to make patients as comfortable as possible, if not completely bring about the cessation of pain, to be the facilitator of the amelioration of a patient's life.

In order to provide the best care possible for my future patients, and prepare for your Masters's program, I have shadowed a CRNA, a recent XXXX alumnus - observing and absorbing as much as I could, and quizzing her mercilessly. I noted how easily my guide gained the trust of her charges, building a rapport quickly while simultaneously and efficiently meeting the needs of the multidisciplinary surgical team. Moreover, I heard only the highest praise for the College and the experience further solidified that I was on exactly the right career path.

Completing your program will prepare me to become a certified CRNA nursing professional, thus able to fully dedicate myself to the field of nursing in the most unique, autonomous, challenging, and competitive area. The ideal, upon building my exposure, would be to perform regular mission work in the US and in developing nations. I anticipate broadening my base of trans-systemic understanding, as well, as learning Eastern/Oriental medicine's ways of treating pain and approach to anesthesia. Eventually, I would like to bring my love of medicine and nursing to the classroom, aiding burgeoning medical professionals, and bringing increased appreciation and prestige to the field of nursing. This is how I will serve the future of nursing as no other field has given me more satisfaction or fulfillment. I thank you for your time, and consideration and I look forward to a personal interview.

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