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Fellowship Program Implant Dentistry, Thailand

I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand where I now live and work. I hold the degrees of Doctor of Dental Surgery and a Master’s Degree in Periodontics. I speak Thai and English. It is my goal, in applying for admission to the program, to maximize my knowledge of Implant Dentistry in order to help patients in my country who desperately need this type of treatment and also to share the knowledge and skills gained with others.

 In much of Asia, including Thailand, dental health is generally neglected and basic education in dental care is often lacking or ignored. There also exists a general shortage of dentists especially those with specialist skills and knowledge. As a consequence there is a great deal of work to be done. As a student, I was involved in a project to provide free simple dental treatment to the poor living in remote areas which exposed to me the full extent of the problems involved. It is my intention to use my time and talents to provide free treatment to poor people throughout my career. If I am given the opportunity to participate in the program I intend to become involved in the Thai Royal Implant Project to provide assistance to the poor. I hope to be a significant part of the solution to the serious situation in dental health in my country.  

 After my graduation, I spent much time treating patients who had lost all or many of their teeth and wore dentures or bridges. Many of these patients complained of discomfort, difficulty in retention and had esthetic concerns. My graduate work in Periodontics involved some training in the use of implants and I began to appreciate the great potential value they offered to patients. For instance, one patient who had lost an anterior tooth 10 years previously told me that his implant had changed his life. The patient was able to bite and smile confidently and was a much happier person. The fear of smiling is a terrible social disability in any society but especially among the Thai people and I hope to give many others the confidence to do so.

 As well as my coursework in this topic, I sought additional training in Implant Dentistry, I read widely on the subject and attended symposia, journal analysis conferences and was involved in ‘interesting case’ and ‘problem case’ discussions. When participating in the 2010 General Session and Exhibition of The International Association of Dental Research, I became aware that implant surgery was more complex than I had appreciated. Following my Master’s graduation, I was working in a private clinic treating patients with complex problems but sometimes lacked the prosthodontic knowledge necessary to prepare an effective treatment plan. Consequently I enrolled on a Mini Residency Prosthodontic Program to enhance my knowledge. However, it became clear to me that the level of expertise I sought to become current in implant technology was both lacking in Thailand and I realized that, in order to become an expert in this specialism, it would be necessary to seek advanced knowledge and skills in the United States.  

 My research into available programs led me to yours. I am extremely impressed by the level of expertise of your faculty members, the availability of current technological resources, the breadth of the curriculum and an appreciation of the importance of a spiritual element in our work and study, which I fully share.

 I have spent three months in the United States and a summer in New Zealand to study English; in addition I have travelled as a tourist in Japan and Spain. I enjoy meeting and working with people from different cultural and social backgrounds and sharing with them an understanding of my own culture and society.

 Since my graduating from the Master’s program, I have provided training to dental students and consider myself an able teacher. It is my intention to share the knowledge and skills gained in the program as widely as possible. My participation in the program will enable the future training of many others through me. I also intend to undertake research into Implant Dentistry technology on my return to Thailand.

 I feel sure that the excellent results that I have obtained throughout my academic career will provide an assurance of my work ethic and diligence and therefore my excellent potential as a student in the program. In addition I offer a genuine passion for the Implant Dentistry and an assurance that I shall apply myself fully and enthusiastically to the program. I also look forward to contributing to the academic community by sharing insights gained in my career to date.

 I am aware that the program will attract many well qualified applicants but genuinely consider myself to be an excellent candidate for the reasons provided.  I thank you for considering my application.

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