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DDS Admission, Jordanian Woman

I am a Jordanian woman, born and raised in Jordan until the age of 13 when I moved to the United States. I currently reside in California. I speak Arabic, English and some French. I anticipate the award of the B.S. degree in Biology in May 2012 from California State University. My goal is to qualify as a dentist and assist in the enhancement of dental health especially in poorer communities and, ultimately, in Jordan.

 In Jordan, dental health is not considered to be a priority and there is little understanding of the close relationship between dental/oral health and general health. Teeth are often regarded as ‘optional extras’ that will inevitably be lost in early middle age and it is unusual to see people of 50 with their own teeth. When I arrived in the United States, almost the first thing I noticed about the people I met was the fact that they smiled so easily and that their teeth looked so good.  I decided that I wanted ‘American teeth’! Teeth that were white, well cared for and would last into old age. At my first visit to a dentist’s office in the US, I was thoroughly impressed and decided there and then that I wanted to help people to keep their teeth in good condition so that they could always smile easily and eat whatever foods that they like no matter what their age.

Since the age of 13, I have worked towards my goal. I am now working towards the Dental Assistant certification; I have provided general assistance to dentists and nurses at a Delta Dental office and have spent 60 hours shadowing an experienced dentist who has been of enormous help to me. I have thoroughly enjoyed engaging with patients and staff and have learned how patients are put at their ease.  I intend to extend this experience as far as possible before the program commences. In addition, I have undertaken considerable, non-dental, volunteer activities as a fraternity member raising funds for St. Jude’s and CHLA hospitals. I was also selected to lead groups providing orientation to new students at XXU which I have done for two years. Allaying the fears and apprehensions of those entering a new phase of their lives has been very satisfying and my selection demonstrates a facility for communication and putting people at their ease (good training for dentistry!).

 In addition to having a bi-cultural upbringing, I have travelled widely in the Middle and Far East. I have happily studied, worked and socialized with people from many cultural and social backgrounds and enjoy sharing knowledge about my own culture with others. It was necessary for me to integrate into a new community at a particularly sensitive age and I believe that I did so very successfully demonstrating adaptability and the capability to relate well with others in that I quickly established several long term friendships that continue to this day. I am the eldest child in a Jordanian family and, as such, am expected to provide an excellent example to my siblings in academic achievement and personal conduct and I have always sought to be such an example to them.

 My goal is to excel in a DDS program and to become a first class dentist and an effective advocate for dental and oral health. It is my firm intention, once qualified, to use my expertise to assist in educating people about oral and dental health in poorer communities in the United States and, ultimately, in Jordan. I would hope to be able to undertake research into the early recognition of serious oral health conditions and hope ultimately to specialize although I have not yet decided on a particular area.

 I am aware that dentistry programs are highly competitive and that the committee will have many difficult decisions to make. However I genuinely feel that I am an excellent candidate, I am diligent, academically able, personable and, most importantly, passionate about pursuing a career in dentistry. I undertake to give total commitment to my work in the program if selected.

 Thank you for considering my application. 

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