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International Indian Dentist, DDS Advanced Standing

Now 31 years old, I am a dentist from India who has been a citizen of the USA since February of 2015. Since my arrival in July of 2011, I have hit the ground running and learned as much as I possibly can about state-of-the-art dental practice here in America, preparing myself for excellence in your distinguished DDS Program for International Dentists. I began serving in early 2012 as a volunteer Dental Assistant at XXXX Dentistry, absorbing as much as I could as quickly as possible, learning from the other members of our team. I began working as a Dental Assistant at XXXX Dental in May of 2015 and I am still here today, putting what I have learned to very good use and learning everything that I can each day.

I was accepted into one of the most prestigious dental schools in India and very much enjoyed my studies, especially the practical work and interaction with patients. During my clinical rotations, I was enthralled by the vast diversity of cases for which we performed the diagnosis and prepared treatment plans. I learned and practiced the art of hand scaling and root planning treatments for gingival and periodontal diseases and excelling at amalgams and composite restorations. Nothing satisfies me more than saving a patient’s tooth with a root canal treatment.

Extracting a grossly decayed and infected tooth makes my day. I also thrive on that beautiful smile and the sparkle in the eye of the patient that results from crowns, bridges, and partial or removable dentures. I could not be happier to live each day for the rest of my life doing diagnoses, treatment planning, and working for the prevention of oral disease – anything having to do with teeth and surrounding tissues. For me the community is everything and I am proud that I chose dentistry as my mode of service.

When I began as a volunteer at XXXX Dentistry, I assisted  Dr. XXXX, performing a great variety of duties from escorting  patients from waiting to operating rooms, taking notes on patient health histories and allergies, taking and recording the patient’s  blood pressure and pulse, taking and developing intraoral and panoramic x-rays, preparing and sterilizing dental instruments, taking notes on the treatment plan as decided by the dentist, preparing patients and the treatment room, trays for dental procedures, assisting dentists with scaling and root planning, composite restorations, crown and bridge procedures, removable denture  preparation, simple to complex tooth extractions, etc. I also enjoyed creating prophylaxis for children as well as adults, pit and fissure sealants and fluoride applications. Finally, I now know a great deal about how dental insurance works in the USA.

In my current position with XXXX Dental, I also assist general dentists with a very broad variety of dental procedures, scaling and root planning, composite restorations, crown and bridge restorations, removable dentures treatment, simple to complex tooth extraction and bone grafting. I remove sutures, perform alveoloplasty, in office teeth whitenings, taking alginate impressions as well as taking and developing x-rays. I also have the pleasure of assisting a variety of dental specialists in the Absolute dental office. I assist a Pediatric Dentist with pulp therapies and ssc, space maintainer procedures, composite restorations, and tooth extractions. I do a lot of prophylaxis, pit and fissure sealants, and fluoride applications. When I am assisting an endodontist, I help with root canal treatments, the retreatment of previously-done root canals and apicoectomies. Currently, I am assisting oral surgeons with several complicated wisdom teeth extractions, bone graft procedures, and alveoloplasty.

I am eager to meet up with the intense rigor of your DDS Program and look forward keenly to the many challenges that will present themselves throughout the course of your program. I am confident that my passion and dedication will enable me to distinguish myself even though I shall be studying alongside some of the finest of dentists from all over the world.

Dentistry totally fulfills me as a human being. My long term goal is to become a dentist who is well-recognized for his very hard work, laboring tirelessly for the perfect smile for each and every patient. I feel strongly that everyone deserves a beautiful smile and I look forward to spending increasing time in the future volunteering to help the underserved who fall through the cracks in the system or for any reason are unable to afford dental care.

Exercise has played a major role in my life and I feel strongly that this helps me to excel in dentistry. It has aided my fitness, stamina, eye to hand co-ordination, reflexes to varied stimuli and ability to rise up to challenges. Individual sports activities have promoted my concentration and inner strength while team sports help to enhance my interpersonal agility. To counter stress, I do yoga which further stimulates my confidence and strategic thinking, inspiring me forward in life as a simple, honest, sincere and very determined person who thanks for considering his application to your competitive program.

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