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DMD Degree, Saudi Arabian Woman

XXX University is my first choice for advanced study because of my deep appreciation for the quality and maturity of your program along with its international character. I feel strongly that your College of Dental Medicine is the ideal place for me to continue my studies so as to become a fully accredited and fully international dentist. I particularly appreciate your intensive focus on operative dentistry. You program will allow me to fulfill my ultimate dream of becoming the very finest dental surgeon possible, someone who is capable of making important contributions to the advancement of dentistry in my native Saudi Arabia.

My decision to apply to your DMD Program for Operative Dentistry is also partly motivated by the fact that two of my good friends, both outstanding dentists, graduate from your program and I see both of them as role models for what I aspire to as well, attaining the best, state-of-the-art education in dentistry that is available. Like my friends who graduated from XXXX, I hope to also make increasingly creative contributions to the advancement of dentistry in my chosen area, with respect to both techniques and treatment modalities.

Completing your program will make my professional identity complete as an international dentist who earns the trust of her patients through an enormous amount of hard work and compassionate service. As a young woman and a dentist from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, I feel privileged to have a profound love for my country, but most of all, a very special affection for my city, which is a place with fast economic growth and inspiring development resulting in new levels and forms modernization. While I want to build my career primarily in the area of conservative dentistry, I also want very much to contribute to preventive oral health care. Most unfortunately, most Saudi Arabians are still not fully aware of the consequences of their bad eating habits. Even with the great efforts made by community health departments and both government-run and university hospitals, the number of patients with caries continues to increase. For this and many other reasons, I am keenly looking forward to completing my postgraduate studies in your program in operative dental medicine so that I will be able to provide the best treatment possible to my patients for many years to come, in the United States as well as Saudi Arabia.

Since I began dental school, I have been especially dedicated to my work every day because I am highly motivated to improve the oral health of each and every patient. While I want to become a very well trained and accomplished general dentist, committed to lifelong learning, I also plan to continue to work very hard to build a specialization in esthetic dentistry. I admit that with my goal of someday opening up my own practice in a wealthy country, over the long term my efforts would be well rewarded economically. First, however, I want to spend many years paying my dues working at public, government hospitals gaining additional experience and giving everything that I can to those members of my society who most need my services. I have been in the USA for over one year now working very hard to bring my English up to professional levels, and taking NBDE courses. I thank you for your consideration of my application to XXXX.

Successful Samples of Personal Statements to Dental School by Arab Applicants, Middle East 

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