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MA Economics UK, Chinese

Since childhood, frequent visits to China have allowed me to see how even my small home village has developed into a large vibrant town. Observing how this economic growth has impacted virtually all aspects of Chinese life sparked my interest in economics. By continuing this onto A-level studies, I have been able to discover how theories in economics shape society and fundamentally define how choices are being made. Beginning to understand the nature of firms and markets has allowed me to explore various aspects of the economic reform in China, and how this has had a significant impact on the global market. This is why I would like to study economics further, to better my appreciation of the influence economic changes have on society.

Since beginning A-level, I have enjoyed reading the Financial Times and Economax regularly, allowing me to discover how economics is applied to important current issues and events. I have read further books such as 'A Very Short Introduction to Capitalism' by J.Fulcher. This has given me an insight into the beginnings of a capitalist free market in the UK and how society has developed around this market. I especially enjoyed Legrain's 'Open World:/ The Truth About Globalisation'. This offered a powerful argument in favour of globalisation covering issues such as migration, trade, the environment and technology. Also, through reading 'The Undercover Economist' by T.Harford and 'The Armchair Economist' by S.Landsburg, I am beginning to discover how economics relates to everyday decisions, enabling me to more fully develop my reasoning skills.

I have also been keen to learn about the subject first-hand. I was lucky to gain invaluable work experience at a private equity investment firm. This was inspiring as I hope that a degree in Economics would enable me to enter this type of career. During the summer of 2007, I had a taste of working in China, auditing for China Rightson Certified Public Accountancy and working at State Grid in the finance department. The experience of working in a country in transition to a market made me realise how far China will have to change if it is to successfully adopt the ethos of a true market economy. Currently I am part of a team competing in the Target Two Point Zero challenge, assuming the role of the MPC, which is improving my analysis skills of the macro economy.

Academically, I have been awarded form prizes for four consecutive years and a prestigious King Edward Scholarship, awarded to only two people per year, for my GCSE performance. In addition, I have been awarded merit awards in both Junior and Intermediate Maths Olympiads on three occasions, and a distinction in the Senior Maths Olympiad. As a member of the National Academy of Gifted and Talented Youth, I attended a summer residential further maths course which I thoroughly enjoyed.

As a member of the school's student council in lower years, I represented my form, communicating their ideas to the council. Now, as an elected prefect, I continue this task as well as contributing to the smooth running of the school. Attending my local Chinese school each week has allowed me to become fluent in the language and has developed my understanding of Chinese history and culture. I led a team in the Envision Charity Scheme, organising events to protect the local environment; and as project manager for my Education in Engineering Scheme project, I was awarded a Gold Crest award. Additionally, I have been a maths mentor for students in local primary schools and at school maths master-classes. I am a keen guitarist, regularly playing in guitar ensembles and I have represented school and house at rugby and chess, as well as competing for Warwickshire County Badminton at U16.

I am looking forward to developing my interest in globalisation as well as furthering my analytical skills as an economist. I also hope I can continue to pursue my outside interests, contributing to the life of the university.

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