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EDD Educational Leadership, YMCA

I feel strongly that I have the kind of leadership skills in education that your program is looking for. For the last two years, I have been working as the principal of an elementary school. This position represents a culmination of many years of labor, not only as a teacher but also as an administrator. Policy skills are my specialty, and even during the many years I spent teaching, I was involved in policy making and implementation. Long ago, I stopped wondering why educational policy brings me my greatest joy here, and I just get lost in my passion, fully indulging myself at each new crossroad. I confess that I am a pleased man, fulfilled by that sense of consummate reward that one achieves when their labors have been well rewarded and appreciated by others.

Now, at 44, however, I find myself with only half-lived life and horizons that require new challenges—seeking the Ed.D. A degree has been in the making for a long time; I see this degree as the first step toward the vision of my future as an academic leader. I am hungry for the scholarly community and the vibrant discussions that go on in graduate school. I want to put the practical experience that I have gained so far to work for the benefit of the academic community, those who have devoted themselves to a lifetime of carrying the torch of education forward, the fundamental basis of our society, the bastion of our traditions and values. I am keenly aware of the overlap between the well-being of the community and the quality of its educational system. I am particularly interested in developing a public school education policy that seeks, in an ongoing fashion, to provide ever greater security and resources for those children in most need of help, educationally challenged children, and members of at-risk minority groups. I am very much looking forward to becoming a school district superintendent; it is here that I think I will be able to make my most significant contribution to society, especially to those who are the weakest among us and in the greatest need of our particular concern.

For me, my community is everything, the spirit, the giving, and I have grown profoundly over the last seven years as a volunteer leader in the YMCA Indian Guides. Serving as a volunteer food service worker at the local homeless shelter has also been important to my professional identity. Over the years, I have been given added responsibility that established a proven track record of increasing administrative burden in positions within the Los Angeles Unified School District. I am deeply committed to lifelong learning and eager for new and increasingly innovative methods of improving the educational system, especially in Los Angeles. The most significant contribution that I could make to society would be to lead a school district in providing the most rigorous education possible for their students, serving to inspire the vast majority to further study in either college or vocational school.

I am a well-traveled man in Central America, Europe, the Caribbean, and South Pacific. And my multicultural experiences, especially concerning the Developing World, are also an essential part of my vision concerning as rigorous an education as possible for our students, serving to inspire the vast majority to further study in either college or vocational school. I have also grown close to our large and rapidly growing Central American Community here in Los Angeles. I seek further inspiration from your program for educational policy development considerations. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your review of my application.

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