MA Hospitality Administration, Chinese

Hospitality is in my blood since both of my parents have been working in the hospitality industry for a very long time and I spent most of my childhood in hotels. I became very familiar with the operation and management of our hotel since I'm spent my time learning as well as playing, while my parents were working. By the time that I was 7 or 8 years old, I had already learned about accounts receivable, blocked rooms, commissions, conversions, etc. I am a friendly, outgoing young woman who is very fond of people and I enjoy making them comfortable. I love hospitality and I want to make it my career.

Subconsciously, I grew a strong interest about this industry and have decided to commit myself in inheriting the business after I am fully prepared academically and practically. Now the hotel chain consists of seven branches located in Northwest China. It is a family business right now which also extends to multiple restaurants, a travel agency, a property management company, and a foreign trade company.

I have worked as intern in different branches of the hotel chain every summer. I have learned more about hospitality management each year and I have been exposed to many different scenarios that have helped me to develop my leadership skills. I still remember one night in the summer of 2007: I was the front desk receptionist on duty, and suddenly the power was out and everything just turned black. Instead of panicking, however, I immediately called the local power company to learn that it was an accident that affected the whole area and the power should be restored shortly. After understanding the situation, my colleagues and I started to call each room to explain the situation and told the guests there would be compensation, a late check-out and free breakfast. As we were finishing the calls, the power was restored. But we continued anyway so that we could apologize to our guests. Even though I gained a great deal of experience over the years, I know there are still much for me to learn in many professional areas related to hospitality management and I keenly look forward to exploring them in depth in your program.

For instance, human resources play an essential role in the operation process of hospitality management and I have very little knowledge about this area. I need to extend my academic background to a higher level. This is why I am applying for the Master of Science of Hospitality Management Program. I am convinced that your program will provide me with exactly the tools and techniques that I need to fulfill my career goals become the branch manager of the largest branch of the hotel chain in 1 year, and then getting elected in the Board of Directors in 2 years. I would like to become the Director of Marketing in 3 years and eventually get elected as the CEO of the company.

Your state-of-the-art class design will empower me to execute my career goals since the XXXX College of Hospitality Management provides world class facilities and real-world experienced lecturers. The Restaurant at XXXX Ranch provides real world opportunity for the students to participate in the process of running a restaurant. In fact, your program is ideal for helping me to learn how to run the restaurants my family plans to open later this year. I thank you for your consideration of my application to your program.

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