MA Education Administration, Distance

As a teacher and Language Arts Achievement Coach, I live every day to see my children and I measure my progress by how much I am able to help them, contributing to their long term happiness through success in school. I want as many to go to college as possible.The daughter of immigrants from Mexico, I carry with me the passion of Mexico and a great deal of determination to help ordinary people succeed in terms of education. I am completely bilingual, have always excelled in the language arts, and I try to inspire my students in both languages. Since I am a full-time teacher, I especially want to study at XXXX because your Distance Learning Program will enable me to keep my job at the same time as I work towards an advanced degree, providing me with the flexibility that I need as the mother of a 13-year-old boy. 

I have given a lot of thought to going to graduate school and I feel this is the best time in my life. I have 11 years of teaching experience in most grades from 1 to 8. The greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to transfer my love of learning to the students that I teach, providing them with the tools so that they can become as successful as possible in life. I try to inspire my students early on with college plans, the realization of their dreams, and service to others. I feel that I am a strong candidate for teaching administration because I am a kind empathetic woman, an experienced teacher, and a person of diverse interests who celebrates the multicultural aspects of our educational system. I especially love to travel and encourage my students to do so. I have visited Mexico, Peru, England, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Hawaii, and different parts of the United States. I lived in Mexico City from 2003-2005 while teaching at the XXXX Foundation. This was also a magnificent experience for my son as it has helped us to better understand cultural differences, the importance of people's traditions and customs and respect for others who are different then we are. My travels and working in Mexico have given me a better foundation for both graduate school as well as teaching, currently in Language Arts, Writing, and Collaborative Planning.

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