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PHD Online, Educational Counseling

Since graduating with my master's in clinical and counseling psychology in the past three years, I have given myself over entirely to the mental health and counseling profession. My work in the non-profit sector has given me real-world experiences, challenges, and situations irreproducible in a classroom. I have given elf and counseling for individuals, families, and groups and worked with a diverse clientele, including abused and neglected children, adolescents, and their respective families. My fluency in English and Spanish has proved invaluable, making me more of an asset to the non-profits and clients I've been privileged to work with. I'm very proud of them for working with my clients to make positive and beneficial changes in their lives. While this has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience, I am finding that there is more I want to do. I believe I will quickly exhaust the possibilities in this current environment to accomplish my ideals; I've discovered that I need to go to the next level. This is where a relationship with Argosy University begins.

In the family counseling, I've been involved in, I've found that interventions are cathartic moments defining moments that rapidly lay the fertile compost necessary to improve relationships, particularly between parents and their children. Argosy would enable me to pursue more research into performing effective clinical interventions and the therapy thereof. Moreover, my work in clinical psychology has been a tantalus for me of many subjects I want to delve further into, including mental disorders, repressed thoughts and feelings, and how they contribute to the development of psychological disorders, such as depression. A doctorate of education in counseling psychology will be necessary for me to give back to the field and educate others in these and, Iconfidentain, many more topics, as well as slaking my thirst for more exploration into these areas.

My foundation in teaching, four years in the making, has shown me that my place is not only in clinical practice but in the classroom. The workshops I have designed and conducted, as well as the group therapy situations I have orchestrated, continue my educational career. I am not just leading a group discussion, I am a teacher, and when we teach, we help solidify our education. While my aspirations include eventually teaching psychology and counseling courses as a college professor, I am highly interested in being a clinical supervisor in private practice and understand that a course of study with Argosy will include the requisite education necessary to bring my plans to fruition. I intend to bring my passion for the field to the health and counseling profession both as an educator and a counselor.

It is my enthusiasm, dedication and critical thinking skills that have gotten me this far, and have led me to this moment, eager to succeed in your doctoral program.  Together, through this relationship, I hope to enrich both of our experiences.

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