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MPA Educational Administration, Latina

I am a young Hispanic woman and bilingual educator. I grew up in Chicago until I was 8 and then moved with my GM-employed dad to Owosso Michigan to begin the sixth grade. In many ways, I am a typical American girl, but I have always treasured my identity as a Latina and, as I matured, I realized that I wanted to become a bilingual teacher, soon bilingual and I encourage my students to excel in both languages.

I graduated from the University of XXXX with a B.S. in Education and three minors: Early Childhood Education Endorsement, Science, and Spanish. I want very much to do my job teaching Spanish to grade-school children. Teaching children is my greatest passion in life and my professional dream is to someday be a grade school principal. When I was in grade school, I especially looked up to my principal, thought of him as my protector; he was a very important role model for me and I want very much to give my all to children as he did, laboring daily to look out for their interests and to improve their educational experience. I look forward to learning how to become an excellent principal at the XXXX School where I have full confidence that I will receive a broad based, critical education in the theory and methodology of K-12 educational administration: politics, policy, evaluation, leadership, curriculum development, and clinical experience. I am very excited about the prospect of becoming highly familiar with state and county educational laws and issues that will prepare me to be a first-rate educational leader working with teachers and students who are proud to have me as their representative, mentor, and advocate. My special dream is to help my community to better understand and take advantage of the enormous possibilities presented by multi-language programs.

English and Spanish are both native languages for me and I read and write them with equal proficiency. I am also learning German since I have many friends in Germany and visit them frequently. I have explored much of the rest of Europe as well. In addition to teaching Spanish on the Elementary School level, my most relevant experience includes being a volunteer teacher in Mexico from April through the beginning of July of this year at a middle school in Mexico City and a rural school in a small town called Valle de Guadalupe in Jalisco. I advocate for a multilingual society and feel that learning different languages is of great importance, especially for children who have such language-learning facility. Upon returning from Mexico, I was hired, along with one other person, to spearhead a new elementary Spanish program in Owosso. We wrote, re-wrote, and and have a sense of humor that I treasure as my single greatest, natural gift. I deeply care about people, and have a sense of humor that I treasure as my single greatest, natural gift. I deeply care about people, especially children, and very rarely meet anybody who I do not like. I have an open mind and hate conflict, personally training myself in conflict-resolution and principles of negotiation. I am deeply committed to life-long learning and look forward to training successful leaders for our community's future. I love to learn new things and do so very quickly, and I look forward to the challenge of your fast-paced program with keen anticipation. I worked my way through college and I am quite accustomed to long hours and very limited leisure time. The MPA Program at the XXXX School is my first and only choice for graduate study and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your consideration of my application.

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