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MS Financial Analysis, Progressive

I am a young African man who immigrated to the United States from my native Kenya in 1996. I now live in New Jersey and have earned a B.S. in Computer Science and an MBA from the New York Institute of Technology. While benefiting greatly from my education so far, I feel strongly that I need additional training in order to pursue my long term goal of some day managing hedge fund investments and advising high net worth clients and institutes on their investment strategies.

I am attracted to the XXXX for both its location and its mission. I am a progressive cosmopolitan man who has now seen America's East Coast and longs to experience the West. I appreciate diversity and multiple cultural celebrations and I have the dream of someday going back to Africa to help my people develop economically. Thus, I am especially attracted to the progressive ethos of San Francisco and the emphasis of Jesuit education on the importance of global perspectives and educating leaders who will be able to fashion a more humane and just world. I hope to some day again use my native Swahili in the struggle for economic development in Africa and I look forward to sharing in the financial analysis perspectives of people from all over the world who attend your program.

I am looking forward to obtaining both a Master of Science in Financial Analysis and the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. I am anticipating a very rigorous education in your program in the areas of quantitative financial analysis and economics and I am especially looking forward to learning how to apply the most current tools used by investment management professionals today. My greatest passion in life is to become part of the movement of financial analysis from an art to a science and to master the complex analytical and quantitative methods that are increasingly used in financial markets. I am applying to the Professional XXXX Program because it is the best match with my interests and extremely high level of motivation. I look forward to attending your program because of its executive-style and the fact that it provides a coordinated, sequential approach to the tools and knowledge that are necessary for becoming a CFA.

I anticipate a long and productive life as life-long student of financial and quantitative analysis. I feel strongly that the seven years of professional experience that I now have working in the fields of finance and accounting further strengthens my candidacy for your program. For many years now, I have went to go to school full time and worked full time for different companies in different roles such as general ledger administration, budgeting and forecasting, financial modeling and analysis, project implementation and management, month-end close, effective leader by acting as a mentor for weaker members of my team and have continually improved my communication and investigative skills. My analytical ability and problem-solving skills are probably my greatest assets. I have learned how to be flexible and adapt to ever changing corporate philosophies.

Now, however, thankfully, I am faced by the challenge of having become quite bored and I want to push myself to new heights with the help of your program. I am a competitor who is never satisfied with mediocrity.  I demand of myself nothing less than my very best effort at all times. The greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to apply my quantitative and analytical skills to the management of financial information, helping clients and organizations to solve business problems.  In time, I look forward to assuming leadership roles in financial institutions helping non financial professionals gain greater insight into how global financial markets actually work. Although I have not yet had the opportunity to do much traveling, the fact that I lived in Kenya for 18years has helped to inspire me to a high degree of fascination and concern with global issues. I feel that I have a good understanding of the global economy, and I am very much looking forward to enhancing my skills so that I can become an increasingly effective, efficient, and productive participant in the development of new patterns in the global economy—always with a special eye towards my native Africa.

My current professional position, since September of 2006, is Senior Financial Analyst at XXXX Companies, a leading global information services provider meeting worldwide needs in the financial services, education and business information markets. I have learned many new and exciting things about how to think globally at XXXX and it is my sincere hope to be able to share some of these experiences with other graduate students at USF in the near future. I especially look forward to the way that your program draws upon the cultural, intellectual, and economic resources of the XXXX. Your program is for me ideal in its potential to enrich and strengthen a common good through reasoned discourse in global financial analysis. I want to thank you for your consideration of my application.

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