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MS Masters Family Nurse Practitioner, Filipino

I am a young woman who was born and raised in the Philippines but now lives in the United States. For several years now, I have been working towards the goal of becoming a nurse and want very much to study at XXXX College towards the M.S. in Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner. My long term professional goal for the future is to work as a design and management of the administration.

I hold a B.S. from the University of the XXXX Philippines in the area of Business Administration with a special focus on Accounting. Soon after graduating, however, I realized that I very much wanted to work in the area of health care because I find caring for people much more satisfying than working in the area of Business. As a result, I now have over a decade of relevant work experience, including 5 years working as a Care Aide in Canada with XXXX Health Services and 6 years working at XXXX Medical Center in Sacramento California as a Certified Nurse Assistant. At XXXX, I have had the privilege of working in the areas of patient bedside care, injury care, Alzheimer's care, patient foot care and skin care, palliative care, and vital signs. I help to implement and document safe, therapeutic, and efficient care as directed. I am proud to support the psychological, social, spiritual, and cultural needs of both residents and their families.

I am a kind hearted person and an extremely hard worker who has a lot of patience. I am also very studious and spend a lot of time studying when I am in school, as well as independently since I finished college. For years now, I have spent a lot of my spare time reading about nursing and health issues. I always struggle to develop excellent relationships and camaraderie with others. I am a very respectful person in addition to being a hard worker. I have a lot of patience and always strive to do things better. I am very detail oriented and a critical thinker who struggles to develop the kind of intellect that will hopefully one day result in my being able to make critically important contributions to the area of nursing.

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