MA International Development, Gender, Africa

I am a 29-year-old Kenyan-Somali woman now living in Ohio; but I left my heart with my people in Africa and I want desperately to prepare myself for the day when I might be able to go back and help them. As one of the first and youngest girls in my village to attend college, I have known for some time that I have a great responsibility to inspire the other members of my village who I have left behind. I have struggled to serve as a good role model for my peers as well as the other members of my village. If a child is born a girl in Somali, she is openly discriminated against to the benefit of boys and this was always something that I refused to accept and want to continue to fight against. I am applying to your program because I want very much to become a professional catalyst for progressive social change in Africa and with respect to the Africa-American relationship.

I am especially interested in the study of international development in light of Kenya and Somali as development models, the ethnic and cultural factors that come into play as well as the general nature of African participation in our new global order, in terms of economic, technological, and cultural factors, all approached from a multidisciplinary standpoint. I very much look forward to studying both theory and practical application in your program and the way that the two intersect. Another area of my attraction to the idea of graduate study at XXXX is the International Development Studies track of Development and Gender. Gender, sex differences, the liberation of women and girls from slavery and degradation stands at the center of my moral cause as a human being and citizen of the planet. I am also intrigued by the intersection of gender with the other core areas of special concern to the program, Health, Environment, and Social Sciences. I completed my Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communication in Uganda, East.

As a result of my own experience with Immigration Services in Columbus Ohio, it seems especially clear to me is that the refugees that face the biggest challenges are women. Many have no educational background and few skills that might help them to adjust to the American work force.

A number of Somali refugees have been settling in Columbus Ohio over the past few years and it pleases me greatly, as a Career Counselor working along with local non-profit organizations to help these clients, mostly women, find jobs. Now, I help my sisters and my people one person at a time. Someday, I want to have an impact on society and help to foment progressive social change on a societal level, with your help. I want to thank you for consideration of my application.


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