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Certificate Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

I am a United States soldier originally from Cape Verde. I am especially interested in undertaking graduate study because I would love the opportunity to devote myself professionally to research in geographic information systems. I am particularly intrigued with the prospect of using GIS in order to determine the optimal locations for major key infrastructures in the Developing World. I am not exactly sure why I find myself so keenly attracted to spatial analysis but it is my favorite avenue of inquiry.

 I am concerned with what happens where in real time (from a physical and human perspective), and how that information can be converted into geographic information that links features and phenomena in such a way as to help with making sound territorial/spacial decisions.

My heart is in Cape Verde and I hope to return there after completing your program. Cape Verde will be the focal point of my ongoing investigations into GIS as well as the community in which I hope to teach and stimulate economic development through increased technological advancement. I am currently serving in the US Military until 2014, when I will once again be able to give top priority to my education.  I want to earn this certificate because I am truly passionate about making a difference in the quality of people’s lives and contributing to a less evasive use of our spacial resources. Someday, I hope to teach students in Cape Verde how to use innovative and productive tools such as Arc View, Arc GIS, Arc Editor, ERDAS etc., to help in making the kinds of territorial decisions that drastically improve the quality of life for people in the underdeveloped world.

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