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MPH Global Communicable Disease

For half a decade, I have maintained a conceptual continuity in both my academic and professional careers, a commitment to healthcare, and microbiology laboratory experiences. I feel, though that I have exhausted every path of promotion and challenge at my current educational level, and more importantly have been left with a strong desire to do more in terms of increasing the amelioration of lives on a larger scale. This being said, I have welcomed every test of my analytical thinking and clinical acumen, and bring with me highly developed skills coupled with a strong sense of responsibility, leadership and an ability to work autonomously or as a part of a multidisciplinary team.

Having been born, lived, educated and worked in XXX, I have been fortunate to be immersed in a society that has an elite public health network. Indeed, the system is so refined that the greatest threat to the lives of young men is automobile accidents. In the last two decades alone, the life expectancy for the population in general has increased by ten years, proven testimony to the strength and organization of public health work. It is my aim to be on the forefront of this incredibly important work, and bring XXX's model example to emerging nations. Traveling to Bahrain, Syria and Egypt and seeing these places through the eyes of a burgeoning public health professional, I have seen the dire need for overhauls of existing health networks.

XXX's XXX program stood out to me from the background of other schools, particularly since I will have the option of pursuing exactly the track I am eager to apply to my future professional work: XXX. Equipped with such a degree and program experience, I will be able to transition to infection control consultancy or officer work fluidly and easily.

I bring with me to the XXX student body an excellent foundation in clinical laboratory sciences, combined with four years of medical technologist work that entailed practical research, and lead professional work in a tertiary hospital's microbiology lab. Research and experimentation was only a portion of my daily work. In truth, there was a great deal of information support required, particularly in regards to major public health concerns, disease processes and clinical manifestations caused by infectious organisms. Moreover, it was my duty to identify and describe the appropriate diagnosis, surveillance, control, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. Without an understanding of what has come before, I would not have been as successful at addressing contemporary issues.,To this end, I have a well-defined understanding of the natural history of disease-causing parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi and other organisms. Simultaneously, I have been involved with the teaching and training of laboratory staff, an aspect of my job that has built my self-confidence, communication and interpersonal skills, and ability to speak in front of groups.

XXX's School of Public Health is my sole choice for academic development, based entirely on the relevance, breadth and autonomy of the Global Communicable Diseases Control curriculum. I look forward with great eagerness to a superlative educational experience and academic relationship with this benchmark school.

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