JD, Juris Doctor, Immigration Law

At only 26 years old, I am a young woman who has been witness to terrible violence and social turmoil growing up in my native Russia. Now, having lived in Utah for several years, I feel that I now have the maturity to excel in law school and to subsequently make important contributions to the American melting pot in terms of streamlining immigration law and working towards its just and egalitarian implementation. This is why I now want very much to study law and to become an attorney. I hope to attend your Law program because Salt Lake City is my home and I am very comfortable here and have the support of my family.

As an immigrant to America, a nation of immigrants, I am very knowledgeable about the immigration process and I would like to use this knowledge to help simplify the process for others, helping others to achieve the hard won security that I have now earned through a lot of hard work. I believe that America's diversity is her greatest strength and I see great beauty in that diversity; for this reason, I would like to contribute to diversity in America as an attorney that specializes in immigration law. My long term goal is to become an attorney with my own practice and become heavily involved in pro-bono services. While in school I would like to volunteer for service at the civil clinic to fill some of the small amount of time left over after my studies. English has been a tremendous challenge for me since I am a native speaker of Russian, but now that I have achieved a TOEFL score of 104, I have the necessary confidence in my abilities and feel strongly that I could be a success in your program.

In Russia, before immigrating to the US, I worked as a Buyer and Head Manager of a Sales Department for 5 years, supervising 6 sales people. Prior to that, I worked full time and also attended school full time, simultaneously. I have learned how to budget my time well and I have tremendous energy and dedication to my studies. A foreigner who is now a Utah resident, my determination is helping me to realize a great deal of upward mobility since I grew up in a poor neighborhood and, in at least 3 generations of my family on both my mother's and father's side.

I thank you for consideration of my application to your program.

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