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MBA Accounting Information Systems, Chinese

To date, I have maintained over half a decade of conceptual continuity in my academic and professional pursuits. At this time, I feel I would quickly exhaust every avenue of challenge and opportunity at my current academic level and more importantly, am truly excited, motivated and anticipating increasing my base of knowledge in the area of XXX, specifically continuous auditing and or other areas of interest as my scholastic path unfolds. Moreover, a XXX. in XXX will enable me to bring my future plans to fruition, becoming a researcher for a quality university and bringing practical real-world experiences and knowledge to the classroom for burgeoning researchers and scholars.

Building on my academic foundation in Finance, I pursued a graduate Accounting degree, and shortly thereafter received my licensing to perform public accountancy work in the State of New York. Actively pursuing and procuring relevant exposure in the field, I have accumulated a great deal of auditing experience through the public accounting firm, Grant Thornton. And my natural drive and ambition led me to start Centrium, my own accounting practice. Already I have brought my experiences, accounting acumen and enthusiasm for the subject to the classroom, teaching at a university as well as a college. Teaching is only second to my love of my work, a logical and natural outlet by which I can guarantee the future of the exciting field I have dedicated my energies and my life to.

Proof of my commitment and ability to excel in the XXX. XXX program is clearly illustrated in my successful completion of two XXX courses with Rutgers in the Fall 20XX semester as a nonmatriculate student, including the core accounting course, Auditing Seminar, and Linear Statistics; my grades were XXX respectively. The coupling of these courses has given me an excellent overview and increased appreciation for continuous auditing my research interest - and pure methodology. I feel though, that gaining exposure to different researchers and faculty of other schools, though, was particularly eye opening and increased the relevance of my future research work, confirming that I am exactly where I need to be. Additionally, this semester, I am already working my way through Electronic Commerce and Research Methods courses.

Having demonstrated the ability to make excellent progress in XXX. coursework, I would also like to highlight my research assistant work and contact. Working with Professor XXX and a XXX. student on one of the doctor's many ongoing research projects, has further cemented my belief that I am an ideal candidate for research work, and has given me the ability to begin developing my own research acumen. More specifically, I have worked with XXX software, analyzing data and applying it to interpreting and finding correlations in statistics. I enjoyed applying classroom theory to practical research, the application of my accounting knowledge and seeing the door of data analysis standing open before me. The applications of the research and its importance cannot be underscored enough, and deals with creating statistical algorithms for detecting potential fraud and/or errors. Already, I have proven my ability during XXX and have been invited to begin working with the research team on XXX.

I would like to take this opportunity to express that my first two years of undergraduate work do not reflect the seriousness with which I take my current academics, or the mature student I have become. Since that time, though, I maintained a near perfect XXX. Additionally, my leaving law school took place shortly after XXX occurred, a time in which I, along with doubtlessly many people, took time to reflect on our lives, our paths, and reassess. My passion for business has always superseded my appreciation for law, and thus I went on to greater academic success in Accountancy. And in conclusion, my performance in the XXX is not an accurate indication of my ability to succeed in XXX, research work, and a XXX program, as has been illustrated in my experiences outlined above.

Rutgers XXX program is rich in its culturally diverse student body. While I am an American, I am of Chinese origin, and bring a worldview that is tempered by my American experience and heritage and this will only add to the tapestry of XXX Business students. But what matters most is that XXX Business School is renowned for its XXX program, and I have been privileged to study under professors that were among the founders of my research path. There is simply no better nor more relevant program from which to launch my own research work. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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