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MBA Masters Online, Information Technology

I see XXXX's Online MBA specializing in Information Technology as the perfect bridge from where I am professional to where I want to go. I am attracted by the inventiveness and uniqueness of its changing IT Projects and Database Analysis and Design courses since this area is my passion. As a banker, I am deeply immersed in fighting the practice of money laundering and need to enhance my abilities in database management. My father devoted his life to fighting white color crime with the New York State Department of XXXX, and I am proud to follow in his footsteps.

I am currently employed with XXXX Bank as an Assistant Vice President of Quality Control w; here, my primary responsibilities include developing and maintaining Quality Control's (CATSWeb) Tracking Database, assessing other areas of the banking system, and evaluating the effectiveness of compliance risk controls. I spearhead systemic projects that provide innovative solutions for compliance testing and review inefficiencies. I recently completed an anti-money laundering specialist certificate program (ACAMS), and I enjoy being given the latitude to make the ways that we do business safer, as well as crcreateuccessful partnerships between vendors and financial institutions.

I hope shortly advance with my present employer in the field of compliance and information technology. And XXXX's can make me much more effective in terms of service to my company. After completing my mamaster'srogram, my long-term goal is to independently provide global solutions to many financial ininstitutions'uality management and regulatory compliance requirements. With my 41/2 years of experience and ACAMS certification, I believe I can bridge the specialized knowledge of Compliance/AML and Information Technology to develop appropriate and tailored information system sosolutionsor the ever-changing regulatory compliance field. Studying in the XXXX program can help prmeest integrate compliance efforts into various business activities in the most principles of software design engineering in light of ongoing state-of-the-art quality advancement.

The online program at XXX will provide me with the comprehensive education and research experience thneed to refine my ability to fight money laundering and apply sound business principles to Internet applications. I hope to overcome thereby some of the challenges that are posed by today's regulatory environment and find new ways to turn compliance efforts into capital opportunities.  I am an intuitive and imaginative problem solver with a solid foundation in analytical processes, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Now is an ideal time to pursue a Master’s degree to achieve my career goal. While ABN AMRO provides example career opportunities in Compliance, I have reached a plateau in developing the analytical and management skills necessary to achieve my full career potential for mitigating compliance risks and proposing increasingly creative corrective measures. I still lack an adequate foundation in systemic knowledge of IT. Internet Systems Development and Administration, and that this is the right time for me to enter the Kaplan program. I am applying to XXX because it has the best, most flexible MBA program online and will allow me to tailor my course of study directly to my career interests. As a busy mid-career professional, I came to camelusionery early because I could not attend traditional university classes to further my education. With Kaplan, I can study on my own time and at my own pace, thereby overcoming the most significant obstacle standing in my way to completing a Master’s Degree. I

look forward to relying on a broad range of programs and services offered by both my employer and Kaplan University. My employer offers an educational assistance program to regular full-time employees, and I anticipate full reimbursement for my course tuition.  I am a visual learner, a self-motivated, mature learner who is flexible and struggles to maintain a sustainable learning environment through teamwork and accountability.


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