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MA Journalism, Broadcast, Documentary

I grew up with a camera in my hand walking around family parties asking the ones I love the silliest of questions. My dream has always been to be a journalist, but not just any journalist; like the military, I want to be all that I can be. Although my academic record is not as strong as that of some other applicants to your program, I am very strong willed, focused, self-assured, organized, curious, and have an unwavering dedication to the principles of ethics and honesty that journalism was founded on and I still see light as the foundation of photography. The greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to probe tirelessly to expose unsavory truths about the world we live in; in turn inspiring others to thirst for truth and accountability. By exploring the sheer variety of ways that people live their lives coupled with knowing that my work has indeed changed someone's life for the better; I am drawn to labor for fuller exposure of the harsh realities that have resulted from globalization. And I hope to encourage others become more involved as active citizen participants in global society.

I have had the blessing of traveling frequently, living in Granada, Spain for six months while finishing my Spanish major as well as for three months in London, England. I have also traveled to Ireland, Whales, Scotland, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, France, Portugal, Africa, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Argentina. Completely fluent in Spanish, conversational in Portuguese and French, I can also read and write poetry as well as prose in all of them. And in addition to speaking Polish with my family, I also know basic Italian. I see this as the strongest aspect of my application, the versatility of languages in which I operate comfortably, and the diversity of my life experiences, as important tools for the journalist who wishes to feed on jetlag and the daily challenge of investigation in increasingly multi-cultural and multilingual environments. My cosmopolitan approach to journalism helps me to maintain a clear sighted sense of objectivity, with objectivity as the light at the end of the tunnel of diversity. Soon to be finishing my degree in writing and the Spanish language, I want to press on right away to prepare myself to work: do journalism; hit the ground running. XXX University School of Journalism is my obvious first choice because of its special development in the area of Broadcast Journalism and its focus on hands-on experience, perfecting skills in ethics and the arts, becoming confident, well-rounded journalists. My ultimate goal is to be a traveling documentary journalist, and do it for the rest of my life.

I am especially interested in doing graduate work in the area of news and documentary or simply broadcast journalism. My dream is to travel the world and report on stories that people are either too afraid to tell or don't think have much importance, since there is nothing more important than being a global citizen that is fully aware of the interconnectedness of the world's citizens, using the advantages of globalization to expose its darker side, the faces of those left out of the progress. My short term goal is to begin working in a television related journalistic capacity that will challenge me while allowing me to grow and continue refining my skills as a journalist. I have also greatly profited professionally from the internship that I completed while studying abroad in Spain for the University of XXX's school newspaper, helping with editing and taking photographs for stories. I also volunteer for my college's school newspaper editing, writing articles, taking photographs, etc. My sheer drive is my greatest asset.

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