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Letter of Reference for MBA Program

Letter of Reference for MBA Program

To whom it may concern,

I am proud to recommend Miss. XXXX as a candidate for the Master of Finance Program at Queen’s University.

Miss XXXX joined us at XXXX Group Corporation in July of this year as Vice President of our Financial Investment Department. But I have known XXXX for about three years, back when she was working for an investment firm in Shanghai. She was an associate and worked as a liaison for a project proposed as a collaborative effort between my company and her boss at that time. I was most impressed by XXXX’s thorough investigation, elaborative report and innovative ways of presenting her ideas. I have stayed in contact with her ever since and have had the privilege of watching her grow professionally, being promoted from an Associate to Regional Director in the space of only two years as a result of her continuous effort and rapid learning abilities. She would visit a different target company in a different city almost every week. I was not surprised to hear that she interviewed more than 200 entrepreneurs over the course of her three years in that position. When she told me that she was immigrating to Canada, I recruited her immediately. I am pleased to say that she has matured into a very thoughtful manager, independent, creative, and capable of drawing upon the resources of a broad network of colleagues. I especially appreciate her communication skills and power of persuasion. She helps us to build and maintain a excellent relationships with both Canadian and Chinese clients.

XXXX is an accomplished professional who excels at her work, especially inter-company project management and consulting for company strategies. When she first joined us, she was still a bit nervous but soon hit her stride. Our company is currently raising a fund for investments in elder care facilities. I may appoint Min to be the fund manager. I believe strongly that with additional training in research and the rigorous, systematic learning of an MBA program such as yours, that she will be able to handle formidable challenges in the future. She tells me that, among all the MBA programs in Toronto, your Program at XXXX University has the curriculum that is the best fit for her interests. Attending your program will give her the opportunity to explore global business opportunities, learning valuable tools and strategies through discussions with classmates from all over the world.

XXXX is very open-minded to new ideas, and she has had many valuable, even unique life experiences, despite the fact that she is still only at the beginning of her career. We have discussed at length numerous issues involving current financial markets and I find her grasp of the major issues to be outstanding. Thus, I am most confident that she would excel in your esteemed program.

Please email me when you need more information.

Best regards,


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