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Master’s Magazine Journalism, Political Science Major

I believe strongly that one should reach for the sky and this is why my central professional goal is to become a hard news reporter for a leading magazine like Foreign Policy, Newsweek, or Time. I see your Master’s program at XXU in Magazine Journalism, with your location at the heart of media empires, as the premier option for beginning my professional journey in journalism. I thrive on politics, religion, ethnic issues, and world as well as national news.

I deeply respect the way in which the press serves to form and guide popular opinion and I crave the responsibility that comes with the role of a journalist. I want very much to become part of a new generation of journalists that will help us to transcend our current level of scandal in the press, making it more transparent and honest. Investing countless hours in my own investigation of online media channels, I have come to especially admire their global reach. I too want to participate in providing trustworthy information to global audiences and I see the devotion of my life to the goal of becoming the most trustworthy reporter possible to be a noble enterprise.

I am a cosmopolitan young woman who is as well traveled as I am read, having visited England for a week and Germany, France, and Switzerland for a full month in each place. I have also visited St Lucia, New Zealand, the Cook Islands; and I went to the Bahamas as a Research Assistant with Brigham Young University. While my undergraduate major was Political Science, I have been engaged with journalism for some time, writing projects and reports about subjects in journalism and I worked on the school newspaper in high school. I have a great passion for writing and the articulation of balanced positions on social issues. From high school through college, my writing assignments were never a chore. Rather, I saw each one as a feast and relished it as such. Writing is both my escape and my way in, my deepest and most satisfying self-expression, and I want it to become the vehicle of my contribution to humanity, for it is the area in which I most excel, my best, my most authentic. I love writing.

I feel strongly that I have much to contribute to your program in terms of diversity and inclusiveness since I am a Latina, Cuban-American who was raised to have and still holds conservative values that will undoubtedly make for some lively discussion in a generally liberal environment such as XXU. I see XXXX University as the center of the world, culturally speaking, and I can think of no other program that could serve as well for a springboard into the cutting edge of journalism. I am particularly engaged with the wellbeing of women with a distinguished track record of volunteer service at a women’s shelter. I hope to work hard as a journalist to advocate on behalf of needy and abused women and children, worldwide. I look forward to helping to make the press more transparent, honest, and accountable. I feel strongly that diversity is my country’s greatest strength and I want to labor to assure that minority voices are given sufficient attention by the mainstream media, including conservative minority voices and opinions. My family is Mormon and my father, who I adore, is a retired Air Force Officer, which undoubtedly has contributed to the shape of my own conservative political persuasion.

I am much better at understanding Spanish than I am at speaking it. This is because since I can remember I've been hearing Spanish in my home. My father who came here as a refugee would call his mother and siblings back in Miami at least once a week and I would listen for a couple hours to a very fast type of Spanish. (Cubans have a reputation as the fastest talkers in Latin America.) I began studying Spanish in school from the age of 6. Every summer my family would go down to Miami to visit my dad’s extended family. Most of the time, we would communicate in Spanish. Given my family background and childhood experience, I am certain that within a few months on the job as a bi-lingual journalist, I will be speaking Spanish more and more because I find it to be much more expressive than English, more tonal, more emotional. And it is the emotion that I seek to capture as a journalist.

I would never tell my mom, but I related a lot more to the richness of my dad's Cuban culture and family than to my mom’s more mainstream origins. I am extremely proud of my Cuban heritage, although it is not something my dad has been very open about, perhaps sometimes a little ashamed of, or embarrassed by. I think he was just afraid of being treated differently by Americans if they knew his heritage. He even changed his last name from Caballero to May (my abuela's maiden name) when he came over to the United States from Cuba at 14. Cuba is something he rarely talks about; unless it's remembering the times he spent with his friends. My dad has been the biggest inspiration in my life, especially in regard to hard work and education. He enrolled in a military academy, and is now is a lieutenant colonel. My dad is successful because he is always trying to better himself through continuing education. I want to make him proud of his daughter.

 I believe in personal responsibility, individual liberty, a limited government, and traditional American values. I strongly support legal immigration only, and oppose amnesty for those who enter illegally. I also have passionate feelings about abortion, clean energy, same-sex marriage, the war on terrorism, and welfare. I believe that life begins at conception and that an unborn baby is a living human being with rights that are distinct from those of his mother. I oppose tax-payer funded abortions. This is one of the issues that I tend to get most heated about because I feel so strongly about how immoral abortion is. With respect to energy I am more liberal. I fully support our President’s dedication to the increased exploration of alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power. When I lived in Hawaii, there was a lot of windmills and alternative energy on the island. I think it’s exciting when entire areas try to “go green”. While many young people are changing their minds on the issue of gay marriage, I will forever believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. This is because I see marriage as something like a license for procreation, which gay people cannot do.  With respect to terrorism I am a total conservative who believes that captured terrorists should be treated as enemy combatants and tried in military courts. I feel strongly that we must protect our homeland from terrorists who only want to exploit and destroy our traditional American values. I strongly oppose long-term welfare. As a journalist in search of good news, I hope to report on opportunities being provided for people to become self-reliant rather than dependent on the government. My principle passion with respect to how to overcome poverty is to educate women. I honestly believe that if programs were set-up around the world to educate women living at or below the poverty level, that poverty would all but vanish in time. I also see obesity as a huge problem, especially in America. I look forward to writing about diabetes, coronary heart disease, strokes, hypertension, arthritis, and a deadly, highly addictive drug called sugar that stimulates the same pleasure centers of the brain that respond to heroin and cocaine.  I feel strongly about educating the population on public health and how to eat healthy and stay active. I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program.

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