MA Masters of Educational Management

I am very concerned with the academic performance of Latino Children who study in English and speak Spanish in the home. I see the fate of bilingual education in California and other areas with large Latino populations as an issue of central, especially critical importance. In fact I have a variety of areas of research interest, including the search for ways that Latino children can be inspired and empowered to do well in their academic English work, at the same time that they retain and even celebrate their identities as Spanish speakers. We have much work to do in this area and I look forward to providing at least moral if not technological support for the movement for multi-language education in the United States.

I am currently working as a teacher on special assignment, providing support and training for other teachers and staff. I have over ten years of teaching experience and I am fully dedicated to life-long, computer assisted learning. I seek to further refine the full gambit of professional skills that I will need as a state-of-the-art educational administrator. I am confident that your program is the best match for my resources, skills, humanitarian interests, progressive ideology, and high degree of motivation. I am convinced that XXXX is the perfect place for me to learn how to best go about making the world a better place.

I am especially interested in doing graduate work in the area of Educational Leadership and my long term goal is to work as a School Administrator. Thus, I have my heart set on XXXX because they offer students the chance to tailor their course work in the direction of the special needs that they want to address. I would most prize the opportunity to design my own staff development program, and your program offers this kind of flexibility and individuality that I will need to help improve instructional and leadership abilities of myself and my co-workers. I have more than ten years experience in a variety of teaching positions ranging from computer software applications to family literacy classes, working with parents, adult students, at-risk youth, older adults, and adults with disabilities. I am skilled in the fine art of selecting and adapting the best teaching materials available for use in a given classroom. I am a staunch advocate and devotee of life-long, active learning and I have a deep passion for technology; I stay up-to-date concerning technological advancement in education. I am pleased that I am finally completing my bachelor's degree in Business Administration. I have long been a non-traditional student at my own pace, combining work and study. Finishing my undergraduate degree has now left me hungry to continue. At 35, I think that I am at my optimal moment for graduate school, old enough to be wise and young enough to have the energy, drive, dedication, and determination.

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