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MS Business Management, Turkey, Europe

While still only 20, I am a most serious student and a young woman who is most dedicated to her career in business. Born and raised in Turkey, I am a cosmopolitan citizen of the world, and have now been educated in since High School in Europe. Taking advantage of Europe's multilingual opportunities, I spent half of my High School years in a French school and the other half in an American one. I will be completing my undergraduate studies here in London in June of 2009, at the XXXX Business School.

I thrive most on business communication and I think it fitting that as a Turkish woman, I labor to be a bridge between the West and Asia, as is my country, helping to bring together diverse peoples, routes of commerce, and cultural ideas. I am applying to the London Business School to study towards a Master's in Management because I see your program as the best preparation for the realization of my long term goals to become the most effective business professional that I can possibly become. My central professional aim is to someday become the CEO of my family's business which mainly consists of steel and iron production. This position requires an excellent knowledge of managerial skills and business trends and even though this is a family position, I need to distinguish myself from other candidates. The London Business School is the best springboard for me to continue to make our business prosperous throughout the 21st Century, staying abreast of market trends and adapting our interest to the constant ebb and flow of economic vicissitudes, especially with respect to the complex relationship between Turkey and Europe.

Before going back to Istanbul, I would like to gain as much professional education and work experience possible to prepare for my career back home. Your Master's Degree in Management will also facilitate my obtaining appropriate work experience upon graduation, further advancing my professional preparation. I am especially interested in doing graduate work in the area of macroeconomics. This interest is reflected in my current project, a Bachelor's Dissertation on the coffee crisis in South America, helping me to better understand the challenges faced by niche markets and the best way to manage for success during stressful economic fluctuations and downturns.

Macroeconomics has been my strongest subject since high school. Nevertheless, I hope to focus my research in graduate school on supply chain management because I see this area as especially relevant to the management of our family industry. In the future, when I am running our company, it will be up to me to make the critical compatible with trends in our supply chain, helping me to sustain a competitive advantage over rival firms. I have always been an ambitious person and set very high targets for myself, both academic and professional. Mastering a thoroughgoing understanding of international business and labor dynamics is indispensable to my future achievement. While our main factory is located in Turkey, we have several operations in Albania that account for most of the profits. At the time that we made the decision to invest in Albania, there was a critical shortage of foreign investment in the country helping to make our efforts a great success. I very much look forward to learning the strategic skills in your program that will enable me to make ongoing strategic investments in sound ways that bolster our profit margins at the same time that they contribute to the advancement of developing economies. Thus, I am planning on utilizing my education to search for fruitful new avenues of research and investment in other countries.

Becoming a highly successful businesswoman in Turkey is especially challenging since women are only now beginning to fill top executive positions. Yet, I hope to someday become the chairwoman of TUSIAD, the Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association, which operates within the European Integration framework implementing stability and growth. This position would enable me to have a most positive influence not only on the economic and social development of my country, but also the advancement of Turkish women in the business world. I have long struggled every day to cultivate an international mindset that will serve me well as a business leader. My English is almost as good as my Turkish and I am completely fluent in French, even writing the language at a very high level. My Spanish is much more developed than my Italian, but I am making constant progress in both of them.

I also hope to bring a great deal of invaluable professional experience to your program since I have had the privilege of completing several internships in highly relevant areas. A firm believer in corporate social responsibility, I have visited, for example, the east of Turkey with a charity that raises money to build schools in under developed areas. My job was to introduce the children to their new schools and I am still in touch with some of them. I continue to work very hard to become both an exemplary leader and a humble team player leader, along with the cultivation of outstanding presentation. I especially thrive on challenging tasks and it would be a great honor to have the opportunity to share my enthusiasm, optimism, and determination with your academic community at the XXXX Business School.

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