PHD Business Administration, Management

I am applying to XXXX University's program in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and I look forward to teaching and research as a college professor. I have chosen to apply to XXXX because of my special admiration for the research directions of the faculty. I thrive in this kind of rapid learning environment and very much look forward to my doctoral studies. I feel strongly that my many years of work experience helps to make me a strong candidate for your program.

I am pleased with both my graduate and undergraduate GPAs, at 3.801 and 3.77, respectively. In addition to receiving Magna cum Laude honors as an undergraduate, I am the recipient of the Morgan Award for Outstanding Achievement and Entrepreneurship. And as a graduate student, I received the Eagle award for Teamwork, Leadership and Perseverance. My managerial experience has provided me with most valuable first hand experience of organizational and corporate change and inspired my passionate interest in organization management. In my first management position, with XXXX Corporation as a Sales Account Manager, from 1996 to 2000, I had the valuable experience of successfully procuring record revenues in the first year. And after relocating from the company's home state of Massachusetts to the Connecticut office, I was again able to achieve success that exceeded the quota. And I was able to repeat this success a third time in Iowa.

I have also had the valuable experience of working for a start up company that had just received their second round of venture capital funding. I watched in dismay as the entire corporate organizational structure was mismanaged, resulting in products that did not work, increasing levels of customer dissatisfaction, and employee morale plummeting. This experience has also deepened my quest to study management at the doctoral level.

Since my time at that company, I have struggled to rise to higher and more complex levels of understanding, especially as to why it and its client companies responded in the way that they did to a broad variety of situations, and in the manner in which they did so. I have become intellectually enthralled with the behavior of companies, especially those in rapid stages of growth or decline. My professional experiences with corporations has greatly fueled my interests in both radically failing and radically successful business organizations, especially those seeking expansion. My life in the corporate world has helped me to better understand the mindset, how Corporate leaders think, act, and react to numerous pressures both internally and external to the organization.

Since July of 2003, I have served as Vice President of Sales & Operations for the XXXX Corporation in Boston where I supervise five sales people and three administrative employees. I have identified new market segments and gained #1 market share in New England. I streamlined company operations and helped new and existing employees develop more functional understandings of all aspects of the costume business. My efforts have helped to achieve increased company profits of 30% each of the past three years. I have a great deal of tenacity on my task, and I bring this attitude to my graduate studies where I will strive for excellence, especially in research.

Due to the extensive travel that has been required while I have been managing geographic territories, I have had the opportunity to better hone my powers of observation, especially with regard to cultural and regional differences within the United States and how this has a great impact on doing business. I have been especially interested in how certain businesses, while holding onto discriminatory biases at the center of their company culture, open themselves up more to change on the corporate perimeters of the organization. I look forward to many years as a professional advocate of diversity in the workplace, arguing that it is especially effective for the long term.

After enrolling in XXXX College, I began working at XXXX Corporation and I completed my undergraduate and graduate degrees simultaneously, graduating with a BA in Corporate Systems and an MS in Administrative Studies. What I am most proud of is that, at the same time, I was able to position XXXX Corporation as the leader in its industry. I feel strongly that my business background and educational foundation are an excellent combination in terms of being adequately equipped to contribute to your academic, business community. I hope to spend the rest of my life in academia, collaborating with some of the best minds in the field of management and organizational behavior, learning how organizations can improve their productivity while at the same time providing the best possible experience for the employees. Possible directions for my future research include testing strategies designed to reduce burn-out, complacency, bias, and dishonesty. I look forward to exploring paradigms designed to improve organizational morale and productivity. My other research interests include discrepancies in attention given to shareholders as opposed to stakeholders, the study of performance-based, management methodologies, and the examination of corporate ethical actions with respect to corporate accountability.

I believe that I have a proven track record in terms of my ability and work ethic. Fellow students have often looked to me for assistance due to my collaborative skill set and business experience. My professors have all been enthusiastically supportive of my decision to further my studies. I look forward to learning from distinguished professors at the University of XXXX who will help me to better understand how to conduct research on the cutting edge of organization management. I find the accomplishments of the faculty at XXXX to be especially impressive, as well as the fact that there are several professors in the department whose specialty is management. In particular, I appreciate your program's emphasis on faculty development and I want to thank you for your consideration of my application.

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