MS Engineering, Mechanical Manufacturing

I have the dream of helping to make our planet a healthier and more satisfying place to live through sustainable economic development. I have always turned to technology as our great hope for the future, of our world, our species, especially in terms of combating poverty and pollution. Thus, I feel strongly that the greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to design and build new industrial initiatives, create jobs, devoted to the study of aircraft engineering and it is in this area that I hope to have the preparations, for example, in the design of small aircraft structural repair stations that I African technicians and engineers in how to design and repair aircraft through the use of new technology. I see aircraft as much more than a symbol of power and freedom that mesmerized me so as a child. For me they are emblematic of economic development through trade, exchange, and communication. I long to see Africa develop, especially in terms of its own Airline fleets. Africa lies far behind the rest of the world across the board in terms of aircraft engineering technology, and I would like to help to improve this situation; and I am in need of your help. The excellent preparation that I would receive in your outstanding program would best prepare me for what I see as a noble dream.

I am a global citizen who is dedicated to life long learning. I have traveled to a broad variety of different countries and my travel within the US has been especially important in terms of my exposure to technology and engineering triumph. XXXX is my only choice for graduate school because I love the location and I am most attracted to the directions and emphases of your program. Having been raised in different cultures has taught me the importance of being open minded and generous of soul, graciously accepting differences in others. I realize that we all live in a very small world as neighbors and whatever one does affects one's neighbor one way or another.

Therefore, we all need to help each other as humans to build a better world. I give my all to whatever I do, and I have grown and found personal triumph through the last five years with U.S. Airways, performing technical research of drawings, specifications, and other engineering documentation. I also assist maintenance and other engineering groups with technical issues. We provide structural repairs and alterations on aircraft and components and perform Static Stress Analyses, researching and responding to Engineering Assistance Requests (EAR) by reviewing various manufacturing manuals, service bulletins, and associated data in order to provide an accurate, appropriate, and timely response.

I feel strongly that my professional experience at U.S. Airways helps to make me a strong candidate for your MMET Program. I am a very organized person, devoted to and passionate about my work, especially research; I am a very serious person, and dedicated to my carrier. Most of all, however, I am just a very hard worker and I look forward to a long and productive professional career helping my native Africa to lift itself out of poverty. I want to thank you for your consideration of my application.

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