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PHD Manufacturing Management, UAE

A young man from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who came to the United States for my education, I have worked very hard to rise to the level where I feel entirely confident pursuing a Ph.D. degree in my field. I am pleased to have come to the level of maturity where I now know precisely what it is that I want to pursue on a professional level. I am a pragmatic person who loves to see economic development, and the area of development that has long captivated my attention, electronics engineering, was my choice for focused study as an undergraduate student. But as my thinking developed, I began to see the electronics industry better as part of the bigger picture of economic development. For this reason, I next pursued an MBA from the University of XXXX, graduating in May of 2006.

Completing my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering Technology helped me to fulfill a dream that I always had of becoming much more knowledgeable concerning one of the major passions of my adolescence and early adulthood, electronic gadgets. Graduating with an MBA in Operation Management reflects how my interests have become focused over the years, with my interest in electronics gradually being redirected to the world of business and, most specifically, manufacturing. While as a child, what I most wanted was to play with these instruments, my passion is now how to make them, directing a human organization devoted to industrial production. I am very proud of being Arab, and I treasure my heritage as someone from the UAE. Business is the aspect of Arab-American relations that I find most appealing, and someday I look forward to returning to the UAE to do research in quality control practices, especially the implementation of total quality management (TQM) as a tool for improving work culture and organizational efficiency.

I am applying to your program because I feel strongly that it is the best place for me to gain the highest level of exposure possible to an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing & engineering functions. I look forward to cultivating heightened expertise in quantitative and model-building methods of inquiry. I seek a broad, interdisciplinary base of knowledge about the numerous and highly complex relationships between manufacturing/engineering functions, on the one hand, and other parts of the enterprise in question, on the other. I look forward to a most thoroughgoing and rigorous doctoral training in empirical research methods and traditional and emerging standards of excellence in manufacturing education. Several years from now, I would like to teach in the UAE with a focus on the importance of quality standards and practices and how to improve and safeguard quality practices in the UAE. Since I have done both my degrees so far at the University of Toledo and am very comfortable here, I would like to continue my studies through the terminal degree in my field here at the University of Toledo. I have total funding for up to five years of study from my country, the UAE. I want to help enhance the quality of production in the UAE.

I look forward to a long and productive life as an educator in the area of global markets and production as an educator. My education so far and my work experience in operations and technical environments have given me the high level of confidence that I will need to succeed and excel in my field. I have worked very hard to refine my interpersonal and communication skills, and I have become determined to increase my analytical skills to develop

creative and effective approaches to novel situations quickly. I am an effective and efficient team leader and am accustomed to working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. I am results-oriented in whatever work that I do. I am a very patient and flexible individual, easy to work with, and very much in touch with the global character of our business environment and the dominant role of new technology in launching and streamlining business worldwide. I have traveled around much of the world, which has made me a cosmopolitan man who has studied the variety of ways in which quality practices are put into place in different societies. I have learned by far the most over my last 8 years in the U.S. I look forward to giving my all to your program and I want to thank you for consideration of my application.






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