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MBA Global Marketing, Advertising

I am a young woman from Mumbai, India, and I am writing to you in support of my program as my first choice for graduate study because I prize my identity as a global citizen, first and foremost a member of human society than a product of any parochial affiliation. I celebrate globalization and want to become a specialist at fomenting global cooperation and collaboration in marketing and advertising. My background, training, and principal professional interests lie in the area of business communications and internet technology and how they serve world society, overcoming barriers, bridging frontiers, and opening up new horizons, and these issues have long been at the center of my professional focus. I have researched graduate programs in this area and have decided that XXXX's dedication to global perspectives is unmatched by other programs. My worldwide view and interests make me a strong candidate for your schedule, and I look forward to being part of an academic community of like-minded people on the cutting edge of harnessing the power of technology in global communication marketing.

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Media Communication from the University of XXXX with a significant concentration in Advertising. I have always been delighted with the choice that I made early on to study advertising and marketing because I am very determined to continue to forge a successful career in the areas of media studies, advertising, and direct marketing. At XXXX, I look forward to learning the most current, state-of-the-art marketing and client servicing techniques, especially in our new digital age and increasingly global economy. My long-term goals are to start an advertising agency in India someday. I plan to finish my Master's Degree and spend several years working in advertising and direct marketing to gain additional experience, learn from others, and develop the level of competence that will place me in an optimal position to start my own company.

My experiences have provided me with a broad base of knowledge concerning cultural differences and similarities, along with a well-developed intellectual structure that will enable me to apply this knowledge to the management of global branding and marketing, domestic marketing, and global communications. I have always been interested in creating communication campaigns for different brands. I have worked on various communication projects during my college days and after graduation, working in the area of direct marketing for a pharmaceutical company. For one of my undergraduate research projects, for example, our group built a communication campaign for streetwear for a subsidiary company of Revlon India; streetwear was a product the marketing target for which was women belonging to middle-income groups. These kinds of experiences in direct market targeting and advertising program design and implementation have helped to prepare me for studying in your program at XXXX because they have helped to elaborate my understanding of global communication and marketing significantly. Education in your program will ultimately facilitate my long-term goal of someday starting my own Integrated Marketing Communication company that provides services such as brand building, advertising, and direct marketing activities. I also feel that one of the most vital aspects of my application is the fact that I have a well-developed social consciousness, and I want to become a success in these areas primarily to be able to contribute to the economic development of global society, especially that of the developing world and India in particular.

I am very engaged in the multiple and challenging issues surrounding the plight of poor children in my native country, as well as AIDS Awareness. I have several unique or specific strengths to bring to your program in terms of my familiarity with research into the Indian marketplace, media design, and organization in India, especially since I speak, read, and write Marathi, Gujarati, and Hindi all fluently, I feel that I have great potential to participate in research projects concerned entirely or in part with India. I have also made a lot of progress in both written and spoken German. While only 23 years old, I have had several precious professional experiences that have helped me to refine my communication and business skills.

I joined XXXX Company (India) on 1st Jan 2007, and I am currently working with them as a Senior Marketing Executive handling international exports of dyes and chemicals. I also spent from 1st November 2006 to 31st March 2007 working with a volunteer organization called XXXX India, which labors on behalf of underprivileged children. I hope that, through the power of media and communication, we can all work together to help the millions of poor children in India have a better life.

The most vital aspect of my application is my heart and my profound desire and determination to make a difference in the lives of the least fortunate by preparing myself to be part of ongoing, profound, and progressive social change. I have also had the privilege of working as a Marketing Trainee with XXXX Laboratories in Mumbai from 1st April to 31st Oct 2006. From June 2005 to March 2006, I worked with the XXXX Company as a Client Service Executive handling marketing accounts for several high-profile clients. Cross-cultural understandings have long been at the forefront of my study of communication. How does a person from India communicate effectively with a person from America? This requires knowledge and appreciation of American society, values, and customs. It is also essential to be aware of the underlying or even subconscious mental constructs that often come into play in cross-cultural situations. One of the best examples I can think of in terms of my cross-cultural experience relevant to the world of marketing and advertising was when McDonald's launched operations in India.

McDonald's introduced American-style burgers and French fries to the Indian market for the first time, and the company faced an uphill battle. Understanding and tailoring their products to the peculiar tastes of Indians proved to be most difficult for the company, despite enormous success in so many other nations, with 30,000 restaurants in 121 countries by 2003. McDonald's entered India in the late 1990s, and most of the 150 to 200 million members of the prosperous middle class found themselves attracted to McDonald's. Nevertheless, the central challenge presented to Mcdonald's in India was that for thousands of years, India's Hindu culture has revered the cow and does not eat beef. Also, there are some 140 million Muslims in India, and Muslims don't eat pork. To respect and adapt to Indian culture, McDonald's created an Indian version of burgers made from mutton and chicken.

Furthermore, all foods are segregated between vegetarian and nonvegetarian since many Indians are vegetarian. For my part, I took it upon myself to recommend Mcdonald's because I saw them as an American ambassador to India. This kind of cultural and business sharing is of fundamental importance to global development. My own cross-cultural experience in advertising has included working for XXXX Advertising XXXX, XXXX Communications XXXX Ltd. from 15th April 2004 to 14th June 2004 on the development of a research project for the brands XXXX House and XXXX House. The project was entitled: Whether Promotional Offers Play A Role In Boosting The Sale Of Tea Brands In The Market? I am also highly computer literate and have developed particular expertise in Photoshop, Corel Draw, Flash (Basics), Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and HTML (Basics).

My professional strength of most central importance as a candidate for your program is that I am a good communicator and a team player with honesty, integrity, and a strong work ethic. I am someone who can learn quickly and adapt to new environments and perform under pressure. Thus, I feel strongly that I am an excellent candidate for a program such as yours that prioritizes cross-cultural communication. I love challenges and exploration, and I am always eager to learn and engage in numerous activities simultaneously; this has helped me know to be sharp and versatile in many ways. I was constantly swamped in my college days, primarily since I served as Marketing Coordinator for the XXXX's Inter-Collegiate Event, Impressions for the 2004-05 school year. I participated in the Fest Comm-Making Magic (2002/03/04) for the Symbiosis Institute Of Mass Communication (XXXX University). I won First Prize in a political campaign competition as part of ‘ Impressions.

What I want most in life is to continue to learn. I am a young woman who is very dedicated and devoted to her field and determined to achieve success. I am an initiator and full of ideas for creative activity in media and advertising. The most significant contribution I will be able to make to global society will be the creation of greater awareness about the burning social issues plaguing India, especially female infanticide and the institutions of dowry and child labor. I am very engaged, especially on a theoretical level, with the problems of tribal communities. My ultimate goal is to start my own advertising company in another ten years or so in such a way as to help unify the citizens of my country and help them to understand that we are one people and that we need to do a much better job at supporting and protecting the weakest members of our society. I am a cosmopolitan young woman and well-traveled, having extensively visited Europe, the USA, Mauritius, China, Singapore, Thailand, and Egypt. I want to thank you for consideration of my application to your program.

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