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Master’s Petroleum Geology, Chinese

I was something of a mathematical prodigy as a child in China and won several awards at provincial and national levels. Initially I decided that, as I was so good at math, I would study it and make a career in that field. However an interest in geoscience began to develop about the time that I had to make a choice of undergraduate major and so I came to study Geomatics Engineering for my bachelor degree. To be frank, I was slightly disappointed with my undergraduate program as there was an emphasis on traditional land surveying and photogrammetry. However I was awarded a good degree and regard my undergraduate experiences in a very positive way otherwise.

 I came to the US at the age of 23 and successfully pursued a Master’s in Geography, awarded in 2010, while holding a number of jobs in the field of GIS. During my studies in XXXX, I met my husband, who was pursuing a Ph.D. in Geology. He fired a latent interest in the subject that resulted in some private reading and an appreciation that increased knowledge of this specialty would assist me in my work. I eventually decided that pursuing a degree in the subject made sense from several angles: I am very interested in geology; my background in geoscience has provided a good foundation for its study and, finally, the formal study of the subject will enhance my utility in the petroleum industry.

My choice of this program, beyond the relevance of the content to my work in the petroleum industry, is made mainly because it is aimed at the working professional. I know that this will make demands in terms of time and effort that not everyone would be able to fulfill. However I have previous experience of successfully combing work and study and I know that I can meet the demands that will be made in terms of time and effort.

I am particularly interested in assisting in research in the area of reservoir modeling during the program. My first job was as a research assistant and I have an understanding of research techniques which I look forward to applying in the program.

My professional life has provided many useful lessons and I see every project and job as a stepping stone in advancing my knowledge and skills with the aim of becoming an acknowledged expert in my field of work. The most important lessons have been the importance of building and maintaining effective teams in an area of work in which little can happen without the collaboration of many different experts.

I have happily studied, worked and socialized with people from many social and cultural backgrounds and look forward to widening this experience in the program. I also feel that I will be able to ‘add value’ to my class with the insights, skills and knowledge that I have acquired to date. I also look forward to benefitting from the knowledge and skills of a varied class of fellow students.

I know that the program will attract many well qualified applicants; however I feel that I am an exceptional candidate. I have an excellent academic record and significant professional and research experience in closely related fields and I am familiar with the demands of combining work and study; but my main recommendation is a passionate interest in the subject that I greatly look forward to pursuing within the program.

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