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Masters Geological Sciences, Mexican-American, Texas

A young Mexican-American man from El Paso, Texas, I have grown up on the Rio Grande River and have long been fascinated with mining, almost as long as I can remember. Now 24 years old and a voracious reader, I have spent a big chunk of my youth so far reading about mining operations worldwide, especially in Latin America, and this is why I did my undergraduate studies in the Geological Sciences, to prepare for a career in the mining industry. I have not yet had the chance to travel very much. But I am going to have my eyes pointed south in the future and I anticipate that speaking Spanish is going to come in very handy for the long term.

My ultimate dream is to become an independent, dual professional, a recognized expert in the field of mining with respect to both geology—particularly mapping—, as well as finance and business operations. I hope to devote my life to discovering and distinguishing the most solid and rewarding of mining investments. After completing your Master’s Program in Geological Sciences at XXXX University, I may very well decide at some point to earn a Global Executive MBA Degree as well. I want to engage in further study into ways that we can better limit fraud in mining operations. I also look forward to studying why mining companies fail.

The aspect of Geology that most fascinates me is its relationship to the world of entrepreneurial opportunity. I want to study mines from the perspective of how they were selected and initially funded and the way this was or was not reflected in their profitability. I want to study the past so as to make wiser decisions in the future. What factors play central roles in the success of a mine, how, and why? I want to analyze sequential strategies, when the door to a mine should be opened, and when it should be closed. I want to study the sociology as well as the management of the mine, the vast gambit of people who play important roles in mining.

My crowning achievement down the road would be to devise a formula that would allow for pre-investors to base their decisions on an objective risk evaluation that would provide solid evidence of investment viability. Mining, while often most lucrative, is also an extremely high-risk area for investment. I find myself most drawn to the challenge and this is why I seek a full immersion in the study of: exploration, evaluation, development, production, and financial access as well as closure and reclamation.

I have given over 2,000 swimming lessons since the age of 15, for nine years now, and I have never had a student who did not learn to swim, some better than others.  I have built my own successful company, XXXX and I give private and group swim classes / therapy Sessions/ Swim Training. I have about 150 clients ranging from 6 months to old adults, along with some clients with disabilities. I have also been writing a book about my methods for beginners to advance swimmers. Each year my business doubles its profits and I look forward to training teachers in the future.  I take care of everything related to my business: scheduling of clients, advertising, accounting, and maintaining the pool that I use. Water chemistry is also something that I am very good at since I have many years experience taking care of pools.

I see mining as adventure in so many ways, all of which excite me, the travel; the physical contact with the site. I love working outdoors and I love mapping and being able to interpret different areas of rock and how that area was created. Still, it is the business side of the mining adventure that most gets my adrenaline flowing. I have experience with cash flow and how to understand flows on a balance sheet and determine the principal risk factors within a business strategy. I seek to become a successful geologist based on a lot of experience in the field, working for a mining company evaluating good investment opportunities. At the same time, I also look forward to working for or with investment firms that are engaged in the mining sector.

I like to think of myself as someone who hopes not only for financial success, but also to never lose sight of our responsibility to humanity and mother earth to use natural resources in sustainable ways that respect our environment and human rights, and serve the common good. I volunteer with the Special Olympics and plan to continue this involvement throughout the course of my career.

While environmental protection is not the area in which I have chosen to focus my own central energy, I do consider myself to be a responsible citizen of the planet in this regard and for this reason I am most fascinated with climate studies. Along with general hydrogeology and the mineral resources of Mexico, I hope to become especially competent in the areas of plate tectonic geomorphology and paleoclimatology.

I thank you for consideration of my application.

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