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Masters Geology, Petroleum Engineering

I am writing in support of my application to your distinguished Master’s Degree Program at the University of XXXX because I want to devote my life to the petroleum industry, searching for hydrocarbons so that they can be extracted in the most environmentally responsible ways as possible. Hydrocarbons are needed to help power our world and I want very much to become part of this process because energy simply makes our life better in myriad ways My long term goal is to become a well-respected geologist in the years that follow my completion of your distinguished Master’s Program at the University of XXXX.

Now 22, I will complete my BS in Geology from XXXX in May, 2015 and I also completed a weeklong Introduction to Oil Field Services course as well as possessing a generally understanding of the nature of field conditions and what is required of working geologists. Your particularly distinguished Master’s Program in Geology at the University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate study for a variety of reasons including your location. Most of all, however, I want very much to attend the University of XXXX because when I toured your campus and visited your program, I was enormously impressed with your facilities, particularly the way in which students become adept at the latest cutting-edge software currently being used in the industry. I also appreciate the way in which your faculty closely guides the academic development of each student and the way in which networking generally begins with future employers while one is still a graduate student in the program.

My father spent many years working in the oilfields and some of my fondest childhood memories are the three years that we spent living in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada when my father was transferred there. I was in Middle School and not only was this a beautiful place to live and explore, but I met many wonderful people who also worked for the oil industry. Thus, the mobility itself of the oil industry, the chance to live and work in other parts of the world attracts me greatly as I adore both travel and adventure. This experience in late childhood and early adolescence left me with the feeling that the oil industry was almost part of my blood, my inheritance, and I am very keen to make my own mark in this area. I want to become part of our great industrial triumph of more than a century of oil-powered transportation as well as a host of other applications. Despite the emergence of alternative technologies, oil consumption is still predicted to increase even for the long term and I look forward to helping to meet the world's energy demands at the same time that cleaner forms of energy are being pursued. I have had the opportunity to get to know several geologists over the course of the last few years and I am left with the impression with all of them that they are very happy people. What seems to excite one of them the most is the fact that he sees himself as a treasure hunter. I too want to devote my professional career to hunting treasure as I believe that it will make me happy as well.

I feel especially confident that this choice is the right one for me as a result of my passion for mapping and fieldwork that I developed last summer at a field camp in Montana where I had an opportunity to put to good use much of what I had been learning in school. As a barrel racer, I have learned to love working hard in hot, difficult, outdoor conditions to accomplish whatever task that I am assigned. A quick learner, I will do whatever it takes to get the job done. 

I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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