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Masters Hospitality Studies, Chinese Woman

I was raised in China until moving to the US at the age of 15. Consequently, I have the cultural sense and reason of the Chinese yet have adopted much of the culture of the West too. I see this as an asset to me in my desire to work towards the degree since I relate well to both worlds, East and West, and so can make people comfortable who are moving between these contrasting worlds.

Chinese people regard hospitality to visitors as a duty and a pleasure. To put a visitor at total ease and to offer them the best in terms of comfort and food comes naturally to most people from my culture. I enjoy being the guest of people who treat me with respect and consideration and enjoy providing such treatment to those who visit me and my family. I am also deeply interested in business and finance. I believe that the program will enable me to pursue these interests in order to provide me with an excellent career path and my employers and their clients with a person who is passionately interested in being an excellent employee and host.

I believe that my undergraduate studies together with my practical and fairly wide ranging experience in the hospitality industry provides a firm foundation for success in the program together with a natural curiosity and a passion to succeed. The major lesson that I have learned in my experience to date has been that though teamwork is important in any endeavor, in hospitality it is the most basic ingredient for success. I know that successful teams do not just happen and I hope to develop a very high level of skill in creating and maintaining successful, happy working teams through my studies and research in the program.

My goals are: to join and excel in the program; to join a management trainee program with a major hotel chain; to acquire skills and knowledge in a wide area of hotel operations especially in the areas of event planning, marketing, finance and branding strategy; ultimately to move back to Asia to apply the expertise and experience acquired in the role of Regional Director of Sales and Marketing.

As well as living in China and the United States, I lived in France for several months. I thoroughly enjoyed observing a new culture and I acquired a basic knowledge of French which I intend to develop further as well as other European languages. I am bilingual in English/Mandarin and can converse well in Cantonese.

I have carefully considered the various programs available to me and conclude that your own is a ‘perfect fit’ for my purposes. I seek a program that will develop, adapt and channel the knowledge and skills I have acquired to date in Marketing and Accounting specifically to the hospitality industry and am certain that the program will do so. I am looking for a program which will provide practical skills and experience and I see that case studies are emphasized in the program. I am impressed by the breadth of the curriculum and see that there are a number of elective courses that fit perfectly with my interests and goals. I am also very impressed by the wide range of areas of expertise offered by the faculty members and with the successful outcomes enjoyed by program alumni.

I am aware that the program will attract many well qualified applicants but I genuinely regard myself as an exceptional candidate. I have a good academic record in highly relevant disciplines and I have practical experience in the hospitality industry. I believe that this background will enable me to ‘add value’ to my class. I also believe that I have the personal characteristics of enthusiasm, a love of challenges, and a capacity to work well within a team that will enable me to excel within the program. However my main recommendation is a passion to work in the hospitality industry and to do so at a level where I can make a real difference both to the guest’s experience and to my employer’s ‘bottom line’.

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