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Masters PA Studies, At-Risk Communities

My family has no medical connection that I can trace nor can I claim an early longing to become a PA, nurse or doctor. In fact I was, until fairly recently, happy to be a dedicated and reasonably well rewarded ‘back room girl’ working as a Research Analyst. However, over the years, I have met people who provide ‘hands on’ care to others and have found myself envying the satisfaction that their work provides to so many of them. Recently, I have felt more and more drawn to such work myself and have decided to pursue this goal. However I am not making this application on a whim, it follows very careful consideration of the role of the PA and a realistic assessment of my potential to fulfill it to a high standard. The more I have learned about the work of the PA, the more enthused I have become about the possibility of joining the program and qualifying to undertake it.

 The aspects of the PA’s work that particularly attract me are: the ‘hands on’ nature of the work and being able to see the progress of patients over time; the variety of the working day and the exposure to different conditions and patients; the autonomy of the role; the opportunity to apply the considerable analytical skills that I have developed in my academic and professional work to date in a diagnostic context;  the opportunity to provide health education and preventative services to ‘at risk’ communities and thus improve the health of the nation generally, and the opportunity to extend the availability of healthcare to an underprovided community. I know of the program’s reputation for innovative research and believe that my background will enable me to make a significant contribution to research work during the program, I am particularly interested in the area of histocompatibility.

 My work has required me to be an effective team member. I am very aware of the value of a good team working towards common goals. While being keen to receive recognition for my own input to a team’s efforts, I am also careful to recognize the efforts made by other team members.

 I am aware that cultural awareness and sensitivity is very important in healthcare provision. I have happily studied, worked and socialized with people of many cultural and social backgrounds. I was raised in a military family and have travelled widely as a consequence and been exposed to various cultures. I am considered to be a sociable and outward looking person. I was raised in Germany and am bilingual in German/English, I also speak some Spanish and hope to improve my skill in that language to enable me to serve Hispanic patients. I am also very aware of the growing effect on healthcare provision of an aging population requiring new initiatives and priorities.

 I know that the XXXX PA program is particularly prestigious and will attract many well qualified applicants. However I believe that I am an exceptional candidate.  My academic and professional background demonstrates proven academic ability and curiosity that will enable me to profit from the program; my studies and work to date have also required me to demonstrate a very high level of analytical skill that I believe is directly applicable to the program and the PA role; I have already contributed to highly useful medical research; my role to date has required me to maintain medical knowledge in fast changing areas of knowledge; my background will enable me to be an interesting addition to the ‘mix’ of my class; but my main recommendation is a genuine and passionately held desire to provide health education and care to the underserved and to acquire the skills and knowledge to enable me to do so.

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