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Masters Real Estate, Los Angeles, Indian

XXXX University’s cutting-edge Master’s Program in Real Estate Development is the best springboard to put me where I want to be. While I am already a successful real estate broker and developer in Los Angeles, I want much more. Your program at XXXX will be the foundation upon which I rise to the cutting edge of real estate development in one of the world’s most competitive markets. Georgetown is my first choice because I see your program as the most rigorous and thoroughgoing among available online programs.

Now 39 and a well established real estate professional, I am an Indian man who has lived in Los Angeles since my family came to America when I was 10 years old. LA has thus been central to my identity formation and this is reflected in the fact that I am an amateur magician in my spare time and a member of the Academy of Magical Arts based in Hollywood’s Magic Castle. The magic of Los Angeles which occupies the vast majority of my energy, however, is its dynamic real estate market. Wealth is not the principal end towards which I strive; rather, I see personal victory through professional growth. No magic will be involved in earning my Masters Degree through XXXX, however, just a lot of hard work.

I have been in real estate since 1999 and the brokerage/construction industry since 2008.  I have successfully raised capital for a large number of projects and I am currently expanding into larger multifamily and commercial office developments.  I have a solid foundation in accounting and finance which has enabled me to raise capital for my projects.  I am skilled at the development of financial models that are project specific and that in line with each investor terms.   Every investor is different and requires some out of the box thinking at which I excel.

I earned my MS in Marketing Management from XXXX in 2006. While I did not distinguish myself as an undergraduate student, I take pride in how very hard I have worked since I graduated, building my career in real estate. In addition to being a licensed broker, I am also in the process of finalizing my contractor’s license. I manage a number of ground-up developments in addition to operating my own brokerage. I look forward to a professional lifetime of devotion to real estate that lies ahead of me, developing and constructing value-added assets that benefit the community as a whole, as well as private individuals. Within a few years, I hope to be managing a boutique real estate development fund, and increasingly becoming recognized among Real Estate professionals in Los Angeles.

I hope to achieve a better understanding of commercial real estate development and this includes but is not limited to finance mechanisms, structured financing, and fund management. I also hope to enhance my understanding of the legal framework and deal flow from the accounting prospective, becoming a master at the attraction of large institutional investors and managing constant and incremental commercial development. Your program at XXXX is focused on exactly what I want to do. 

Most agents I talk to understand many of the general challenges facing the market but lack an adequate knowledge base in the areas of lending and construction in particular.  I hope to contribute to filling this void and making information more accessible to buyers, sellers, and agents alike in these areas in particular. While these services are frequently available for high-net-worth investors in the development industry, they are also increasingly needed by brokers in order to stay competitive. In the future, I hope to offer a broad spectrum of services that encompass all stages of the process from development through construction and sales. I want to design and develop state-of-the-art, one stop shops for buyers, sellers, and investors alike; forming strategic partnerships with architects, engineers and our field service team.  My team already has decades of cumulative experience in ‘fix n flips’, ground up construction in residential development, and institutional asset management.  With extensive knowledge and experience, our time frame for assessment is quite short and our due-diligence in-house is of the highest order.

I am currently making final preparations to begin using a Matterport camera for 3d walk-in-tours and built-in-offer platforms that will allow me to provide a very unique marketing package.  Sellers will be impressed by our ability to reduce time on market as well as our dependence on open houses. Buyers will enjoy walking through homes on the market and comparing floor plans without ever leaving the comfort of their own home, even making offers online. While I have competitors who are also developing this technology, I am confident that the way that I am putting it all together will result in a customer experience that is unsurpassed in LA.

I thank you for considering my application to XXXX.

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