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MBA Masters International Executive, Indian

I am a young Indian man who has lived in Virginia for many years; international business affairs dominate my consciousness. And when I think of business, it is from an international perspective. Management is my spirituality, and our new global village market is where I look forward to spending the next half-century. I live for development: a calm, cool, collected pragmatist who believes in the business creed, even precisely in humanitarian terms. I see contributing to economic growth as my central quest in life, in part because I see it as the best way for us to go about mitigating the suffering that occurs as a result of poverty and underdevelopment. My native India, of course, where I spent much of my life, is an excellent example of a country that can have at once such enormous suffering for the poorest; yet, at the same time, such great hope since India is synonymous with burgeoning exploding economic potential as a developing country. I ask to be accepted to your program at Georgetown so that I can have the most active role in promoting and developing international economic bonds, especially between India and the United States.

I am applying only to the IEMBA Program at the XXXX School of Business because it is the only school that explicitly offers what I want most: an intense, central focus on managing international business. I am also highly attracted to your program's possibilities for international residency positions. While XXXX University currently employs me, this is not why I want to attend your program. The reverse is more accurately the case; I applied for a professional position at the MBA Program location that I have most admired for several years. I am an addict to management ideas. I confess that management theory, concepts, potential, etc., often occupy my mind even in my free time. And I think this profound passion will serve me well, first as a graduate student and then as a player in the international arena. Heretofore, my particular interest has been in IT, especially in medical research, and I currently serve as a consultant to an overseas Indian firm specializing in hospital information management systems.

This firm has clients in Cyprus and Singapore, in addition to India. I am in the process of helping them to expand their operations to North America. As an Asian business specialist, I take great pride in being an advocate for both Asia and North America. I am happy to live at a time when we are seeing such excellent cooperation in the business world, especially between Asia and America, and it is here that I find my greatest joy.

I want very much to become part of the community of learners and leaders at the XXXX School of Business because of my inspiration as a global citizen, someone who has cast his lot with open trade and labor ideology, building upon the mutual strength of the world's significant economies, learning to share, collaborate, and grow together. I especially look forward to doing research in the areas of outsourcing, the protection of American jobs, the balance between H1-B vs. American workers, and the way that all of this is related to ongoing developments in Internet technology. I want to thank you for your consideration of my application.

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