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MBA Masters Biotechnology

Since I graduate from XXXX University with a double B.S. in Management Science and Molecular Biology, I feel that my background will be helpful to my long-term goals as a management professional in biotechnology. I think that I will be best able to concentrate fully on my graduate studies at XXXX, close to the support of my family, who also want me to achieve the MBA.   I look forward to further developing my business and project management skills, researching business structures, supply chains, and techniques for increasing productivity and output. My long-term plans include continuing to strengthen my ties among members of the biotechnology community.

I look forward to helping XXXX businesses to become better organizers, someone who takes full advantage of new communication technologies to build networks of common interest. Most specifically, I am interested in helping local biotech and pharmaceutical companies to bring their products to market.

I have worked for XXXXX since 2001, beginning with duties in research and marketing and adding responsibilities since 2003 in financial advising. This position has afforded me with invaluable knowledge of business opportunities. I sincerely enjoy helping clients to establish appropriate financial goals and investment strategies. I struggle to constantly refine my knowledge and skills concerning mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, variable and fixed annuities, unit investment trusts, money management, managed accounts, and individual stocks. I co-hosted a daily, one-hour financial news talk show on the radio for two years, 2005-2006, on AM 1000. I have been hiring and maintaining a call center staffed by ten interns and a frequent presenter at educational investment and financial planning workshops. I also created a targeted marketing program identifying local small business owners and employees who needed assistance in setting up retirement plans for themselves and their employees, establishing my form of technical analysis, and working closely with a computer programmer to create proprietary software to further our research capacity, creating a system to develop current valuations based on fundamental data mined for thousands of different companies. With strong project leadership skills, I know how to lead a project a see it through. From the initial conceptualization and brainstorming phases, through development and problem solving, I work doggedly until the project is complete.

I have experience as both a small group leader and also following another group member's lead. I look forward to a long and productive career helping biotech or pharmaceutical companies bring a product to market that helps to improve the quality of life for people everywhere. As a young man with diverse interests and a good communicator, I feel that my vital preparation in both the physical sciences and management theory will help me to make a valuable contribution to your program.

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