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MBA Online Masters, Technology

I am thrilled where I am in life. I like the company I work for and the people I work with. By studying for the MBA in your program, however, I will become much more helpful to my company and will thus be able to assume positions of greater responsibility. I live for technology, and whatever I do in business, it will always be somehow relevant to my interests in technology. I will become a better engineer of business information systems as a result of earning an MBA. I miss the academic environment, and I am genuinely looking forward to returning to nearly full-time study and the campus environment as conveyed through the DVDs of lecture material. Your program is my first and only choice because of its effectiveness achieved through the implementation of state-of-the-art technology and the fact that students can now see and hear all the activities in the classroom. This way, I can remain with my company and study at night and on weekends, making graduate school possible.

Another aspect of my professional preparation as an MBA candidate is that I have long practiced and have had the opportunity to hone my teamwork skills finely. I lead a team of four analysts, providing them with leadership and guidance daily. The sense of teamwork is critical to the achievement of our very best performance. Day-to-day management of my team's activities involves numerous projects and almost countless operational tasks, including performance reviews based on individual projects, especially for the annual year-end reviews. I am proud of the fact that I have moved up the ladder at my company to the point where I am leading IS teams through all phases of large-scale technology rollout per Deloitte's PMO process, including the management of resources (internal/external groups), budgeting, vendor selection, and final implementation. I have designed/engineered/documented visitor network solutions using Checkpoint Software firewalls in remote offices connecting via VPN tunnel to Internet-facing Firewalls.

One of my core functions is to perform regular business impact analyses for our clients to whom we provide IT solutions. By studying in your MBA program, I will learn how to sharpen further my ability to identify critical business processes, applications, and the various organizational styles of IT systems. I look forward to studying the problems associated with risk analysis for business functions and security. Learning through your cutting-edge program at XXXX University will inspire me to seek ever more creative solutions for the numerous problems my senior management assigns me to tackle, providing the optimal information and its implementation so our organization is assured of the capabilities needed to accomplish its mission.

In short, the XXXX University Distance MBA Program is my first choice for graduate school because of the high degree of flexibility that it offers at the same time that technology is fully taken advantage of in a unique and highly advanced design that on the base of my studies and research delivers the most outstanding MBA program that is based on the Internet. I feel immediately drawn to the promise of PowerPoint slides and the opportunity to review classroom discussions and student questions. This way, I will be able to feel that I am very much part of the academic community without ever having to leave my home. Convenience and quality are the reasons behind my decision to apply to XXXX's distance learning  MBA program.

Your program at XXXX will allow me to become much more competitive in highly competitive IS and IT job market environments. An MBA from XXXX will greatly increase my overall marketability. I look forward to learning and absorbing voluminous amounts of material much of which I anticipate being able to put to good use in my professional position, overcoming the challenges of tomorrow. I want to thank you for your consideration of my application.

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