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MFA Art, Spirituality, Creation

I have reached a point in my scholastic and professional careers where I have exhausted every path of challenge and opportunity at my current academic level. Ever since completing my BFA, I have believed and known that the ideal would be to complete my MFA. Having built my exposure in the field, I am more confident than ever that the next step, the logical step, is so much more; it is a natural choice. Turning to ***U is a decision born of wanting to develop myself not just as an artist but as an art educator. These past few years, I have found that the art classroom is where I need to be.

XXXX U's Art Department and graduate program is the ideal environment to refine my art and mind, exposing me to new ideas, diverse artists, and their art. I bring an openness to innovative ways of getting my thoughts to my medium and execution. While my portfolio has concentrated on glass, particularly stained glass, glass painting, warm glasswork, mold making, and techniques in combination, I am particularly interested in seeing how my visual vocabulary translates in other mediums, such as metalwork and or jewelry. This will also make me more versatile as a practicing artist, allowing me to incorporate jewelry and metalwork techniques into my foundation in the glass.

Earning my MFA will not only refine my abilities, expose me to new mediums, broaden my ability to express myself effectively through visual art, but also bring my dreams to fruition, teaching art at a college or university. My passion for teaching is evident through my years of classroom exposure, bringing not only a love of art to burgeoning artists but also a love of interacting with students that challenge you to think in ways you had not considered before. Through this interaction, I have grown as a teacher and artist, increasing my creative approaches to the learning process.

Furthermore, equipped with an MFA and the experiences and development thereof, I will be able to bring, with confidence, relevant work to the art world and even commercial endeavors. I want to get thought-provoking and functional stained glass to private homes and commercial/public buildings alike. Wherever opportunities and life's path takes me, I cannot see a future for myself without teaching as well. Personally and spiritually, I must be involved in the creation and teaching of art.

Regarding my teaching ability, I have taught several summer art camps for children aged 5-12 and taught adults stained glass techniques. Throughout these experiences, I have learned patience, a good work ethic, and how to maintain classroom discipline and interact effectively with people of differing backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses. This will aid me invaluably as I enter into the art world and professorship, places that are only becoming increasingly diverse in terms of their cultural representation.

Of equal importance is keeping my medium practiced and alive. To this end, I have taken several classes, including glassblowing and lampworking. I am currently working on XXXX, combining several techniques, such as relief work, warm glass and possibly sandblasting and/or glass painting.

I look forward to my time with XXXX U, my future of sharing my love of art with others, and creating a lasting and meaningful body of works that will inspire generations to come. Thank you for your time and consideration. 


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