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MFA Masters Fine Art, Visual Arts

Throughout my academic and professional careers, I have maintained over a decade of conceptual continuity, developing myself as an artist and an international art industry professional. Indeed, my entire life has been spent living in many different countries across three continents, and later, through my working for the XXXX of Interior Architects and Designers, work which took me around the world.

My passion has always been in the visual and performing arts, as I believe culture is the most beautiful and direct experience that touches people's minds and souls. I feel that everyone should have opportunities to experience culture and be touched by artists' ideas and aesthetics.

In my current work, I have exhausted every opportunity for promotion and experience at my current academic level. I crave the opportunity to gain further academic and professional knowledge that only a quality educational institution can provide. For my part, I bring years of practical experience in international art promotion, sales, design, and management. My experiences and background will only add to the rich tapestry of a metropolitan university, and I am genuinely excited to begin my work. More than this, I anticipate watching my classmates as they grow, visiting exhibitions, and mercilessly interrogating faculty with fine art backgrounds. The schooling is a unique dynamic, with an opportunity for flexibility within the curriculum, tailoring it to my strengths, strengthening my weaker areas, such as practical theories, while giving credence to my future goals.

While I currently live in [Southeast Asia], I am anxious once again to immerse myself in a new and diverse culture, this time [city in the UK]. For me, the cultural surrounding of an educational institution is just as important as the school's reputation. [City in the UK] is a city that is teeming with cultural events. More than this, I was impressed by the city's response to the arts. There seemed to be an exhibition or musical performance everywhere, and the public's response was enthusiastic, with local citizens, tourists, and students taking advantage of the events. Combined with this was the omnipresent influence of governmental sponsorship and level of involvement in the arts. And what is an artist or group of artists without their public, their leaders' support, without the need for their creative spirit, their reflections of the most profound truths, and what it truly means to be alive right now?

It is to this end that I pursue higher education. My contributions to the art and cultural worlds will be to create, develop and direct a management company for visual artists, actively seeking out burgeoning artists. I will be able to utilize my battery of contacts and friends in the field, as well as extensive experience and education, to do justice by rising talents. I have already learned that young artists need more than just a white wall or an empty pedestal to display their work. Artists need guidance from grants and appropriate venues for their work to gain recognition on local, regional, and even global levels to reach the right dealers and patrons of art. Additionally, artists need guidance to organize and run other artists, sharing experiences, ideas, and forums in which to plan.

While serving artists is intrinsic to my plans, an artist without their public is lost. The public must be reached out to and educated, exposing them to the enjoyment and experience of culture. Education need not be programming or 'medicine'; instead, it is about leading people to become more aware of their cultural happenings. The public often lacks the appreciation of what art can do for their mind and soul, something that needs to be experienced, over and above purchased consumer durable goods. A cultural education is to change the public's perspective on culture.

I look forward to the opportunity to develop myself as a creative leader for art, artists and the public they reflect and challenge. Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated and I eagerly await a personal interview.

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