MS Biology, Gene Manipulation

As a boy, my friends would watch their favorite heroes on TV, while I would spend my time reading my Popular Science books. In those pages, I got my first taste of biology, chemistry and the physical sciences. The long summer days would trip by, and my interest in science grew more with every page I turned.

Many students wonder how far their education will take them; I, for one, have taken my education to India, the United Kingdom and now the United States. Beginning in India, I earned my bachelor s degree in pharmacology from one of India s largest and oldest universities. Osmania s admissions are based solely on merit and it has earned a five-star rating from the Government of India.  I could not have done much better, and graduated with distinction.  I was given an excellent introduction to human biology, pharmacology, biotechnology, molecular biology and microbiology. My introduction to theoretical and practical knowledge of drugs actions on receptors and laboratory techniques was rigorous and challenging, but truly I wanted more. Over those four years I got an excellent laboratory experience in quantitative and qualitative analysis, preparation of different formulations, chromatography and spectroscopy techniques.

In England, my appetite for organic chemistry, pharmacology and its overlaps into biology led me to pursue a master s in pharmacology. I worked hard, studying various Molecular Biology techniques such as Gene Manipulation, Hybridization, Electrophoresis, Blotting and PCR techniques, and was actively involved in in-vitro pharmacokinetic studies and drug targets identification by using molecular biology techniques. Not to negate this hard work, I couldn be more proud of what I accomplished in my research on the Optimization of silver staining protocols for DNA and developed new protocols for DNA silver staining. As compared to conventional Ethidium bromide staining of DNA, these new silver staining protocols are non- carcinogenic, do not require expensive UV light transilluminator to view bands on electrophoretic gels, and would be useful as a label-free detection in DNA microarray technology.  My mark on the field had begun.

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