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MPA Environmental Science and Policy, Chinese

What most distinguishes me from other applicants to your highly competitive program in Environmental Science and Policy Program at XXXX University is the fact that I am a Chinese survivor of the Japanese earthquake and subsequent radiation leakage. While I have no reason to suspect that I might have been exposed to radiation (other than my mother’s concern), Fukushima had a major psychological impact on my thinking and academic direction.

I speak Japanese fluently since I spent four years in Tokyo after graduating from high school in Beijing. In fact, I completed 3 years of my undergraduate studies in Japan before my family pressured me to transfer to the USA—primarily because of what they perceived to be the danger of nuclear radiation in Japan in the fallout from the earthquake. This calamity and the associated drama have radically intensified my passion for preserving the sanctity of our natural environment and protecting us from major man- made threats, as in the case of nuclear disasters.

I am thankful that I have understood now for several years that what is most important is to follow one’s heart when choosing and preparing for a career. And my heart belongs to the cause of protecting our environment through progressive public policy initiatives. While I am certain that other applicants to your program may have higher grades or test scores than I have, it is hoped that my experience, language abilities, and proactive attitude might help to compensate. My achievements have been powered by a high degree of self-motivation to become a soldier in the protection of our environment, especially South East Asia. In preparation for this goal, I have gone out of my way to take rigorous courses and to interface with distinguished faculty. 

At XXXX University, I would look forward to interacting with peers and professors from all corners of the planet, working together to probe the burning questions of our day with respect to protecting our natural environment for generations to come. I am convinced that, with the top-tier faculty members in your program and the rich intellectual resources, and state-of-the-art research centers and institutions at XXXX University, that your distinguished MPA Program is the optimal springboard for my career. Here at XXU, I found my epiphany analyzing the water of the XXXX River here in XXXX, doing a poster and a presentation. XXXX will prepare me to think in much broader terms about our complex environmental and sustainable development challenges, preparing me to become a cutting edge public manager and policymaker at the service of environmental protection in South East Asia. I am often troubled by the bitter relationship sustained between China and Japan, quarreling over small uninhabited islands claimed by both or the visit of a politician to a war memorial. It is my sincere hope that completing your program at XXXXa will prepare me for a lifetime of service facilitating greater cooperation and collaboration between China and Japan in the protection of what we all share in common for the future, our natural habitat. Thank you for considering my application to your program.

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