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MPH Administration Guatemalan Immigrant

I began my life in Guatemala City and soon found myself growing up in one of the roughest parts of Los Angeles. My parents struggled to survive, as did I, and were of little help to me growing up. Many if not most of the boys that I grew up with went to jail instead of college and I am grateful that my endeavors paid off and through a lot of hard work I was able to make it through college and into a very good job with the City of Los Angeles. I look forward to returning in some way in the future, to the ghetto from which I came, perhaps addressing many of the problems that result from the ghetto as a civic servant. I think that it is important that at least many of the civic servants who struggle to meet the needs of our urban citizens themselves be from the ghetto. I am also attracted to the area of law enforcement because I still see it as the only viable remedy for the lawlessness and fear that characterize our inner cities, especially when the forces of law and order are unavailable or inattentive to the needs of the citizenry. I am applying for XXXX's Public Administration Program because I feel that this would be the best way to continue to prepare for my long term goals as a public servant with a law enforcement organization such as the FBI or the District Attorney's Office.

I am a long time Trojan fan and going to graduate school at XXXX has been my dream for several years now. At 27, I feel that I now have the maturity and solidity of purpose to really give graduate school my all. It is a good time for me, young enough to have plenty of energy and old enough to appreciate the privilege that being accepted to your program would represent. I am the first in my family to attend college, so I have the full support of my family and this also inspires me to work really hard. I look forward to many decades of fulfilling employment as a civil servant, probably in the area of law enforcement. In many ways, I have spent my life as a student of Los Angeles and I enjoy very much thinking about public administration in terms of urban planning and the special challenges faced by law enforcement in big cities like L.A. I also anticipate being able to take professional advantage of the fact that I am fully bilingual and bicultural.

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