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MPH, Public Health Doctor, Nigeria

A doctor from Nigeria who hopes very much to earn her MPH Degree in your distinguished program at XXXX University, I appreciate the fact that your university is especially well regarded high in the areas of medicine and public health and that you have a creative and innovative curriculum well designed to prepare our public health leaders of tomorrow. Finally, I also appreciate your diverse student population and the warm weather, Florida weather being similar to what I am accustomed to in Nigeria.

I see your program as the optimal springboard upon which I might advance as a pioneer in the development of improved public health structures in Nigeria, preventing the spread of disease by thoroughly analyzing the risk factors involved and implementing targeted public health education programs to prevent outbreaks of the disease in question. I seek to promote life and health through life style modifications, educating the community about the necessary tools or precautions that are required for disease prevention. Completing your program will enable me to acquire the tools that I need to work effectively with both the government and NGOs in the development and implementation of disease prevention programs, especially in our battles against HIV and Malaria, both preventable diseases.

As a public health doctor in Nigeria I will face an uphill battle to make progress at lowering rates of contagion at the same time that I am careful to discourage any discrimination against the infected person that might occur. Our very high rates of illiteracy in Nigeria make disease prevention programs especially challenging, forcing us to be as creative as possible.

I look forward, in particular, to studying the history of outbreaks of certain diseases and what this suggests in terms of how to best prevent their reoccurrence, particularly in the case of Ebola and cholera. I seek exposure to the very best ideas for creating awareness of symptoms and also preventive measures. My special love for children and public health will drive me to help reduce infant and child mortality in Nigeria, especially under the age of 5 years old. Earning the MPH Degree will also enable me to contribute in the future to improving our sanitation systems and increasing the access of my people to a safe water supply, helping to stamp out typhoid and other water born diseases.

I want to thank you for considering my application.

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