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MPH, Public Health Systems in Saudi Arabia

A United States citizen, I have spent most of my life in my native Saudi Arabia where I earned my medical degree and have since been practicing medicine. I hope very much to continue my education in public health in America so that I might heighten my long term contribution to the health of my society and have a positive impact on the evolution and progressive enhancement of Saudi public health structures in the future. I see your MPH Program at the University of XXXX as the perfect place for me to receive a world-class education in public health as a result of your in-depth and broad-based curriculum. Most of all, I see your program as the ideal place to learn research design and conduct, along with both data and policy analysis. Earning the MPH at the University of XXXX will help me to realize my goals of becoming recognized as a public health expert so that I might assume positions with high levels of responsibility in program planning and administration for the development and improvement of public health systems, especially in my native Saudi Arabia.

I seek a comprehensive education in all of the areas in which your distinguished program at the University of XXXX is especially strong: not only a the basics of public health but also biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health sciences, health services administration and economics, and relevant aspects of the social sciences. I need this kind of comprehensive background because I hope to contribute to a much needed overhaul of Saudi Health care structures and their administration, streamlining, saving money, and greatly enhancing our quality of care simultaneously. I feel that my work will very much be in line with the mission of the U of XXXX to struggle in all that we do to expand the accessibility of health care for those who most need it but can least afford adequate medical attention. I am convinced that through adequate planning and administration, the quality of health care for all members of society can be improved at the same time that we expand access, including the wealthier members of our society.

My international ambitions are another important factor in my application since I hope to travel and work, at least eventually, throughout the Middle East, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, networking, sharing, and brainstorming alongside my colleagues from other countries in the region that face many of the same challenges in the future. With respect to my home culture where I plan to distinguish myself as a crusader for improvements in our health care system, I am especially concerned about our careless use of water, the numerous ways in which we simply waste it, as well as the issue of the numerous toxins that remain in our supposedly potable water supply. Unfortunately, it is not just the water supply but the seafood that we consume as well. As a doctor and a health care professional, these issues strike me as some of the most important challenges in our field as health care professionals. I see my life as fully dedicated to addressing these kinds of concerns, and new one’s that will arise unforeseen in the future, for many decades to come, always looking for effective, efficient, and sustainable ways to proceed in a progressive manner.

Finally, I very much appreciate the U of XXXX’s historical priority of promoting scholarship that is concerned with preserving and improving the health of all people across the globe. It would be a profound honor for me to have the privilege of contributing to the diversity of your program as an Arab woman and I deeply appreciate your consideration of my application.

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