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MS Degree in Computer Science, Vietnamese

A Vietnamese man born and raised in California, I am now finishing my BS Degree in Biology at UXXX and I want very much to pursue graduate studies at XXU in the area of software engineering. I feel very strongly that the greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to help create innovative products that benefit the medical community, healthcare industry, or academic research. I want to devote my professional life to the design of programs that assist physicians and other healthcare professionals correctly diagnose patient disease and help them to come up with the best treatment plans. I look forward to developing programs for new medical devices, helping researchers to better interpret and analyze their findings.

I have spent considerable time in Mexico and Hawaii as well as Vietnam. I am not able to write Vietnamese, but I speak it well; I dream of working in software development that would help Vietnam to develop its healthcare resources. Although the country’s economy has been growing in the past decade, there are still a large number of people living in poverty or considered low income that do not have access to adequate  medical attention. The health care system doesn’t have the necessary combination of money and tools to provide quality care. I would like to help.  

I would like to work in the biotech or pharmaceutical industry, hopefully on international levels. I want to harness the state-of-the-art tools that I will learn in your program to my interest in biology and biotechnology. I believe myself to be a highly disciplined thinker in part because of serving as a martial arts instructor for more than ten years, teaching a class of 20-30 students. This has helped me to refine my communication, leadership, and organizational skills. I have volunteered at the San Fernando Vietnamese Association, as well as for a local Vietnamese Buddhist temple, assisting in preparation of important events. My job duties were to set up tables and chairs, give out food, and clean up.

I originally intended to pursue a career in pharmacy, which is why all of my professional experience is in this area. What happened is that I simply fell in love with what I was learning in my computer science classes. They have given me a strong foundation in theoretical concepts and practical programming applications.  Math and Physics helped me to improve my analytical and evaluative skills. Biology and Chemistry labs taught me how to work effectively with others, collaborating and delegating tasks to complete assignments, developing skills that will help me to excel in your program.

I started working at the pharmacy to get some work experience while finishing up some prerequisites for pharmacy school.  It was while I was working at the pharmacy that I became really interested in computers. For the past several years, therefore, I have dedicated my time to studying computer science by enrolling in programming and web development courses. I have a basic understanding of how programs work, how they are developed, and what they can do, I know enough to be certain that it is this area to which I wish to devote my life. XXU is the perfect spot for someone with my interests in database management, object-oriented programming,and Internet technologies.

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