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MS Degree in Geology, Search for Sustainable Energy

Still only 22, I want to devote my life to an industry that is hopefully dying out, the sooner the better: petroleum engineering. I anticipate that while petroleum use will outlive me for sure, it is my hope that the consumption of petroleum based products on a large scale can be phased out during my lifetime and replaced by renewable and cleaner forms of energy. I want to devote my professional life to this transition, with an eye towards safeguarding the environment in the face of the continued use of oil, to the extent to which it is possible to do so.

I have been working very hard towards becoming a professional in the gas and oil industry and will complete my BS in Geology at the University of XXXX this coming May. I hope to continue my education on a graduate level in your distinguished Geology Program at XXXX University (XXXU) this coming Fall semester. I also hope to complete my MS Degree in Geology at the same time that I complete the Geosciences Petroleum Graduate Certificate Program at XXXX. In fact, this program is one of the foremost reasons why XXU is my first choice for graduate school.

I want to learn how to successfully apply advanced geological concepts so I will be able to solve complex petroleum geoscience problems.  I also hope to find a mentor to develop my professional competence, assist me in joining appropriate professional organizations, and to develop effective communication skills with key geoscience community leaders.  Finally, after earning a Master in Science, I would like to enroll in a PH.D program in Geosciences at XXXX.   Upon successfully completing my education at TAMU, I believe I will have gained the skills to succeed in any multidisciplinary realm of Geology. 

Because Geology is such a versatile degree, a Geologist can work in many different fields, medicine, education or engineering; however, the area I am currently most interested is the specific field of petroleum geology.  I want to assist in developing a sustainable energy source that will provide a long term solution in providing energy while natural resources are being depleted. Ultimately, I would like to assist policy makers on writing legislation that will protect our society while providing the necessary elements for continued energy exploration. Besides making a difference in our country’s future by exploring, understanding and monitoring the Earth, Geologists can make a difference to the world and I hope to be a part of such an exciting endeavor of protecting the people who live on it.

I thank you for your consideration of my application to XXXX.

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