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MS Health Care Management, Indian-American

I am a young Indian man, still only 23 years old, who was born in Saudi Arabia and raised mostly in the USA. I have visited India several times and I have also very much enjoyed spending time in Turkey, the UAE, Bahrain, Germany, the Dominican Republic, Canada, England, and Egypt. Since I have known ever since I was a child that I wanted to build my profession in the field of health care, I made a point to learn as much as I could about health care in each of the countries that I visited while growing up. In addition to fluently reading, speaking, and writing Hindi, I also speak Gujarati fluently and I have an excellent beginners grasp on both Arabic and Spanish.

A recent high school graduate in 2008, I found a pair of mentors who helped me to develop remarkably over the course of these last 5 years as an experienced and highly capable health care management professional; first, the late Dr. XXXX and her daughter, Dr. XXXX, who is also a physician and part of our practice. I am most pleased that at the same time that I spent nearly the first two years at Dr. XXXX’s office scheduling appointments and posting payments to accounts receivables along with reconciling with insurance companies, I was also slowly but surely learning a great deal about most if not all aspects of running a highly successful multi-physician clinic. Since 2010, I have been serving as the practice manager. When I began with Dr. XXXX she was alone in her practice; and we now have a total of 4 doctors including her daughter and more than 3,000 patients. While my days are very full as I have numerous duties, some of my favorite routine activities are managing hospital procedure authorizations, as well as communicating with patients concerning the importance of long-term health management of chronic disease. I led the Transitioning of the entire office into electronic medical records (EMR) which I feel is extremely important as having all patient record in the future will require having everything electronic.

I majored in accounting, graduating in 2012, and I feel strongly that my undergraduate studies have helped to prepare me to excel in your competitive program at XXXX because they have empowered me to greatly appreciate accuracy and focus as well as the way in which record keeping, in general, is the foundation of the successful health care enterprise in today’s world.

I see giving my all to health care as something both natural and noble. My professional aspirations are clearly a result of my culture as an Indian-American, since Indian people are well known for the high regard in which they hold health care workers, not just doctors, but everyone who makes an important contribution to health care. Coming from a very hard working family, yet one of modest resources, it never occurred to me that I would study full time without holding down a job. In fact, since high school I was planning to work full time at the same time that I completed my college education.

I am such a hard worker that during my summer vacations from college in 2009 and 2010, I worked a second job as a Pharmacy Associate so that I might have greater opportunity to put what I was learning in school to good use in the management of customer records.

I hope to develop a lifetime focus on the design and management of multi specialty physician groups that serve as one-stop centers for all if not most of the medical needs that a patient has.  I feel that my current experience managing a multi-physician practice will enable me to excel in your program as a result of my great passion for the subject matter.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program.

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